Hillside School wins top waste management practices award

Hillside School wins top waste  management practices award

From left: Blondel Sprott, Superintendent HCS; Claude Javois, founder Green Dream Projects; Asha Stevens founder and Chief Executive Director; Shermel Grant, School Manager of Helmich Snijders HCS; and Chananda Rombley, School Manager of Asha Stevens HCS.

PHILIPSBURG--Hillside Christian Asha Stevens Elementary School and Hillside Christian Helmich Snijders Elementary School have won the top spot in the Green Dream Projects “Eco-Champions Award” for their exceptional efforts in the collection of recyclable plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles, and maintaining clean, sanitary environments during the academic year 2023-2024.

“These schools demonstrated exemplary waste management practices, showing outstanding leadership in sustainability. Their comprehensive recycling programmes and community involvement in environmental stewardship set a high standard for others to follow,” according to a press release.

These practices of the various schools were meticulously evaluated and assigned a grade score from 7 to 1. The awards, crafted by Green Dream Projects’ founder Claude Javois, acknowledge the dedication and hard work of school managers, superintendents, coordinators, teachers, pupils and staff. Each award highlights the school’s unique achievements in waste management.

Second place went to Sister Borgia Elementary, which received the “Green Guardian Award”. According to the release, Sister Borgia Elementary excelled in integrating waste management education into its curriculum. Its innovative recycling initiatives and active participation of pupils and staff in maintaining cleanliness were particularly noteworthy.

Third place went to the Methodist Agogic Center (MAC)-BFM Primary School, which won the Sustainability Star Award. “MAC-BFM Primary School's consistent efforts in reducing waste and promoting recycling across the school community earned them high praise. Their focus on environmental education and practical application was instrumental in securing this accolade.”

Fourth place went to the Seventh-Day Adventist Primary School, which won the “Eco Innovator Award”. This school impressed with its creative approaches to waste reduction and recycling. The implementation of various eco-friendly practices and the active involvement of pupils in environmental projects showcased their commitment to sustainability.

Fifth place went to Sister Regina Primary School, which won the “Clean and Green Award”. Sister Regina Primary School demonstrated significant progress in waste management. Its structured recycling programme and regular cleanliness drives reflected a strong community spirit towards maintaining a green campus.

Sixth place went to St. Joseph Primary School, which received the “Green Steward Award”. St. Joseph Primary School’s dedication to waste management was evident through its systematic approach to recycling and waste disposal. The collective efforts of pupils and staff were key in achieving this recognition.

Seventh place was awarded to Marie Genevieve de Weever Primary School, which received the “Eco-Friendly Pioneer Award” for its pioneering efforts in waste management. Despite being in the initial stages, the pupils’ and staff’s enthusiasm and commitment to sustainable practices were highly commendable.

Javois thanked the school board members, administrators, coordinators, teachers and pupils for their pivotal roles in making their schools exemplary institutions for waste management practices.

The awards, sponsored by Green Dream Projects, will be presented during the 2024-2025 academic school year at each school’s assembly, scheduled by the respective school managers. School directors and board members are encouraged to attend the ceremony for their schools. The presentations will also feature Marceilla Henry, Secretary General of UNESCO, St. Maarten, alongside Javois.

“This initiative marks a significant step towards fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility in educational institutions across St. Maarten. The prestigious award ceremonies will be the first for in-school waste management practices in the educational system in St. Maarten,” said Javois.

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