Hidden traps placed on path to Natural Pools

Hidden traps placed on  path to Natural Pools

Dog caught in a hidden animal trap in Back Bay.



POINTE BLANCHE--Someone has placed numerous hidden traps on the path to the Natural Pools in Back Bay, Pointe Blanche. These are dangerous for animals and humans.

  A resident on her afternoon walk with her dogs down to the pool had to get help to pry one of her dogs from a trap he inadvertently stepped on and had his paw trapped. She had to call for help to free her dog.

  The dog is slightly injured from the trap.

  Presumably, these traps were placed by someone who wants to catch the numerous goats in the area. These goats have an owner, who did not place the traps.

  The traps are covered with brush, making them really hard to spot. This means it is easy to step on one when visiting the pools, whether you are an animal or human.

  This natural attraction is popular with tourists as well as many residents, thus making the traps extremely dangerous for hikers and other nature lovers. An incident with one of these traps, especially involving a visitor, would be bad news for the destination.

  The best course of action would be to have the traps removed before someone or another animal is seriously injured, said the resident whose dog was hurt.



A trap on the path to the Natural Pools.