Governor of Saba looks back on year filled with ‘loss and tragedy’

Governor of Saba looks back on  year filled with ‘loss and tragedy’

Governor of Saba Jonathan Johnson.

SABA--Island Governor Jonathan Johnson looked back to a year “filled with the unknown, loss and tragedy,” in his New Year’s Day message. “Who knew that in 2020 the entire world would be faced with a global pandemic reaching every part of the globe?” he asked.

  The Public Entity Saba took measures to protect the vulnerable and lessen the burden of medical services with a good level of success, the governor said. “We have not been spared by not having COVID-19 on our island, but in general due to the measures taken we have been able to live rather normally compared to other parts of the world.”

  A new year gives new hopes, dreams and aspirations, according to Johnson. “We must not only hope and dream, but also act and commit ourselves to the betterment of ourselves and our island. Many persons contribute to the daily running of our island, and I am grateful to one and all. From the civil servants to the hospital and home for the aged staff, to the teachers, construction workers, hospitality sector workers, entrepreneurs, and all those who I may have forgotten, I thank you.”

  He thanked all Sabans at home and abroad, and all friends of Saba for making the island what it is. “We are truly blessed and although our island is small in size, she has provided for us for hundreds of years. Yes, there may be shortcomings and obstacles, but in general we must be grateful for what we have.”

  We do not know what 2021 may hold, but the governor said that “every day we can resolve to do what is right for ourselves and those around us. 2020 has taught us that we shouldn’t take even the smallest things for granted.”

  On Monday, December 28, 2020, the public entity gave an impressive fireworks display with sponsoring by Saba Electric Company SEC, local telecommunications company SATEL and Choi Enterprises. Yearly, the fireworks show is planned earlier in the final week of the year, so that the elderly and the public at large can enjoy the display earlier in the evening.

  “How the weather has changed since then! It shows that a lot is outside of our control. We can decide how we react to outside forces. That is up to us, nothing more. As I have said before, an attitude of gratitude can and will get you far. On behalf of myself and my family, I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021,” Governor Johnson said.