Governor Eugene Holiday lauds ‘Class of 2022 Valedictorians’

Governor Eugene Holiday lauds ‘Class of 2022 Valedictorians’

The primary schools “Class of 2022 Valedictorians”, as shown in this group photo with Governor Holiday, from left, comprises: Xandriana Scott, (Sr. Borgia Primary School), Sebastian Montero (Martin Luther King Jr.), Kemanick Marcellin (Seventh-Day Adventist), Jada Benfield (Sr. Regina), Holdson Jean-Fort (Prins Willem Alexander), Dhriti Ramani (St. Dominic), Abigail Gordon (Hillside Christian), Akira Richardson (Marie Genevieve de Weever), Gianni Roger (Sr. Magda), Jacquilla Browne (Methodist Agogic Center), Jade Bennet (Ruby Labega), Magdaline Fleurival (Leonald Connor), Rui Xin Nie (St. Joseph) and Weilin Li (Oranje School). Not present due to travel off island is Milly Page of the Regina School.

PHILIPSBURG--“Graduating is a huge milestone in and of itself. Doing so at the top of your class is exceptional and sets you apart as a member of a select class: The Class of 2022 Valedictorians,” Governor of St. Maarten Eugene Holiday said, after welcoming the top students from primary schools and secondary schools at his office on Wednesday.

Governor Holiday received the elementary schools’ valedictorians followed by the high schools’ valedictorians for an audience in recognition of their outstanding performance. To mark the moment Governor Holiday presented each of the students with a congratulatory letter and a Governor’s Pin.
The governor also presented an autographed copy of his book A Close Look to each of the students and expressed the hope that it will inspire them to further their education and serve their country in the future.
Overall, there are 26 valedictorians, 15 from primary schools and 11 from secondary schools. The top students met with Governor Holiday and visited his office. They discussed their study plans, returning home after completing studies abroad and asked him a variety of questions regarding his education, career and work as a governor.
Governor Holiday emphasised the importance of acquiring a good education and that he was proud of their achievement so far; and noted that he looked forward to hearing about their graduating from school at the tertiary level. On the topic of being “overqualified” Governor Holiday stressed that there is no such thing. He stated that “your qualifications prepare you to raise the bar in whatever field you work.”
Governor Holiday concluded by congratulating all the students and their parents.


The secondary schools “Class of 2022 Valedictorians”, as shown in this group photo with Governor Holiday, from left, comprises: Jamie Lynch (LU), Tapetown Brufild (MPC-PKL), Shanique Elizee (MPC-HAVO), Juliana Valdez-Diaz (Sundial-PKL), Jennifer Jean-Charles (Sundial-TKL), Gilmar Blakman (MPC-PBL), Acemar Boasman (MPC-TKL), Ava Gibson (MPC-VWO), Jiayan Huang (CIA), Khushal Punjabi (St. Maarten Academy) and Sherwin Lake (St. Maarten Vocational Training School).

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