Get them while they last, COVID testing continues

Get them while they last,  COVID testing continues

Cars lined up on Monday to take advantage of the free COVID-19 drive-through testing provided by Collective Prevention Services (CPS). Cars entered the vacant lot located before the harbour, where they made their way through the line.


PHILIPSBURG--The Collective Prevention Services (CPS) continues to encourage the community to make use of the free COVID testing drive-through, until supplies last.

  Free testing drive-through which started on Monday, will be carried out during the morning hours from 9:30 to 11:30 in a vacant lot close to the harbour in Pointe Blanche.

  CPS, however, requests that persons who wish to go to the drive-through for free testing, to avoid doing so before 9:30am “as this will create gridlock in the parking lot as persons who have appointments will be exiting at that time”.

  “The drive-through will be open daily from Monday to Friday for anyone who comes forward for testing until supplies are finished,” Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor (VSA), Richard Panneflek announced in a press release on Monday.

  Tests during the weekend will remain by appointment only. According to the release, this is a shift in the process as the drive-through was by appointment only. 

  CPS assured that the department will maintain its appointments from 8:00am to 9:30am daily; anyone who wants to be tested can now do so.

  The duration of the drive-through testing will remain in place until CPS or the Ministry of Public Health deems otherwise, stated the release. CPS notes that the drive-through is not meant for travel, and therefore persons requesting a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for travel purposes are to contact the St. Maarten Laboratory Services (SLS) or the Health Care Laboratory St. Maarten (HCLS).

  Minister Panneflek encourages persons who are experiencing signs and symptoms which may be related to COVID-19, and persons who have been in close contact with a confirmed case, to come out and make use of this opportunity to get tested. “The service is free to all members of the community,” said Panneflek.