First PPRN public consultation meeting this Tuesday, May 4

First PPRN public consultation  meeting this Tuesday, May 4

The General Commission meeting permitted the Territorial Council to hear and question the process of elaborating the PPRN.

MARIGOT--Préfet Délégué Serge Gouteyron and President Daniel Gibbs remind the population that the first public consultation meeting for the new natural risks prevention plan PPRN will take place in the refectory of Robert Weinum Lycée, Cité Scolaire, in La Savane, at 6:00pm Tuesday, May 4.

  This follows the General Commission meeting organised in Hotel de la Collectivité on Wednesday, April 28, which allowed President Gibbs and all elected officials of the Territorial Council to hear Gouteyron and members of Direction de l’Environment et de l’Aménagement du Logement (DEAL) outline the development of the new PPRN for St. Martin.

  Questioned by the elected officials, Gouteyron detailed the process of elaboration of the new PPRN, final regulations of which should be adopted in August.

  The public consultations will take place throughout the month of May, two in each of the four districts of St. Martin, to inform the population widely on the issues of the new PPRN and for the public to dialogue with the speakers.

  Collectivité representatives will be present alongside the State for the broadest possible consultation. The local elected officials will be attentive to this.

  The new PPRN will need to reduce the vulnerability of houses located on the coast while at the same time authorising reconstruction under certain conditions.

  Elaboration of the new PPRN will be based on recommendations from the Lacroix report, the 2017 findings, and will take into account recommendations of professionals (architects, design offices, civil engineers) and complaints of the inhabitants.

  The objective is to deliver a document that protects the inhabitants while taking into account local constraints and realities.

  As a reminder, the schedule for the remaining meetings is: Thursday, May 6, French Quarter College at 6:00pm; Tuesday, May 11, Lycée, Concordia, Marigot at 6:00pm; Tuesday, May 18, Jérôme Beaupere School, Sandy Ground, at 6:00pm; Thursday, May 20, Robert Weinum Lycée at 6:00pm; Tuesday, May 25, French Quarter College at 6:00pm; Thursday, May 27, Lycée Concordia, Marigot, at 6:00pm, and Tuesday, June 1, Jérôme Beaupere School in Sandy Ground at 6:00pm.