Final preparations in full swing for Election Day

Final preparations in full  swing for Election Day

From left are: GEBE Special Representative/Temporary Manger Troy Washington, Head of the Civil Registry Department Kathy Snijders, Chairperson of the Central Voting Bureau Nathalie Tackling, Chief of Police Carl John, Head of the Uniformed Division Chief Inspector Benjamin Gout and police spokesperson Ethwoldus Josepha.


PHILIPSBURG--Final preparations are in full swing for the parliamentary elections slated for Thursday, November 11. Polling stations will be open from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

    The Central Voting Bureau, Civil Registry Department, the Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM and utilities company GEBE updated the media on the plans at a joint press conference on Tuesday (see related stories). Eight political parties with a combined total of 129 candidates will be vying for 15 Parliamentary seats.

    Central Voting Bureau Chairperson Nathalie Tackling said in addition to overseeing the ballot printing process, the Bureau’s preparations for the upcoming elections encompass a wide range of activities, all planned to ensure a smooth and trustworthy voting experience when the polls open at 8:00am on Thursday.

    She said the preparation of polling stations is underway, with each location being equipped with the necessary materials and facilities to accommodate voters. This includes setting up secure ballot boxes, ensuring adequate privacy in the voting booths, and providing clear signage and information for voters.

    Another crucial part of the preparation is the training of polling station members. These individuals have been trained in the electoral process, including the handling of ballots, managing voter flow, and ensuring adherence to voting protocols. This training is designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to address any questions or concerns that voters may have on the day.

    “In summary, every aspect of the election, from the ballots to the polling stations and the training of staff, is being carefully managed to ensure that we are fully prepared. Our goal is to provide a seamless and transparent voting process, inspiring confidence in the democratic system of St. Maarten. We are committed to ensuring that every eligible voter can cast their vote with trust in the integrity and efficiency of the electoral process,” stated Tackling.

    She said also that the legislated removal of the curtain from the voting booths is being implemented with careful consideration to ensure that the confidentiality of the voter’s choice is maintained, while also adhering to contemporary standards of transparency and accessibility. She thanked the relevant stakeholders for working together with the Bureau to ensure that these standards are met while also protecting the individual rights of voters.

    “We will continue in the following days with our responsibilities in facilitating a fair and transparent election. The Central Voting Bureau remains committed to upholding the democratic principles that are the foundation of our society in St. Maarten. We look forward to a successful election and appreciate the support and cooperation of the community in this essential democratic exercise,” stated Tackling.

    Head of the Department of Civil Registry Kathy Snijders said the 20 polling stations will be manned by a total of 100 staffers. Each polling station will have five employees.

    The polling stations are: District 1: John Larmonie Center; District 2: Sundial School; District 3: St. Maarten Senior Recreational Center; District 4: Sister Marie Laurence School; District 5: Dutch Quarter Community Center; District 6: Milton Peters College (MPC); District 7: Rupert I. Maynard Youth Community Center; District 8: Sint Maarten Academy; District 9: Bute Hotel; District 10: NIPA; District 11: Charles Leopold Bell School; District 12: Leonald Conner School; District 13: Simpson Bay Sports Community Center; District 14: Belvedere Community Center; District 15: Melford Hazel Sports and Recreational Center; District 16: Methodist Agogic Centre (MAC) ; District 17: Dutch Quarter Community Helpdesk; District 18: Seventh Day Adventist School; District 19: Huis van Bewaring and District 20: St Martin’s Home.

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