Essential workers return to Saba to complete solar installations

Essential workers return to Saba  to complete solar installations

SABA--Six Enersado workers returned to Saba on Friday to finalise Saba Electric Company’s (SEC’s) solar installations. The Enersado team will be joined by three of SEC’s consultants of The Green World Company (TGWC) to oversee the completion and commissioning of the solar installations.

  Enersado had its employees working abroad return to Portugal in March to ensure their safety after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. Because of this, SEC’s solar installations were left unfinished.

  The original intention was to complete the refitting of SEC’s major solar park and the construction of a smaller solar installation in The Bottom well in advance of the start of hurricane season.

  With the 2020 hurricane season well underway, it is deemed imperative that Enersado returns to Saba to complete these projects.

  The Enersado and TGWC teams are to adhere to strict public-health guidelines. Prior to traveling to Saba, all persons were tested for COVID-19, and all tested negative.

  While in Saba, the teams will stay at a hotel that was identified as a suitable lodging due to its remoteness on the island. The Department of Public Health has instructed hotel staff on the best public-health and safety practices to accommodate their guests in as safe a manner as possible.

  The two teams will adhere to the public health guidelines while in Saba, only traveling each day from their hotel to the work sites and then back to the hotel at the end of the workday.

  These public health guidelines are to be adhered to and enforced on the worksites, and all work activities meticulously planned beforehand.

  Only a limited number of local contractors will be allowed on site with Enersado and TGWC during the two-week quarantine period. Following the quarantine period, more local contractors will be used – if needed – to assist in finalising the works. Safe physical distancing must be observed and maintained between Enersado and the local contractors at all times while the works are being executed.

  The Public Health Department will have daily contact with Enersado and TGWC for the duration of their stay in Saba.