Emmanuel resigns from NA, declares himself independent  

Emmanuel resigns from NA, declares himself independent  

MP Christophe Emmanuel presenting a letter to Second Acting Chairperson of Parliament Grisha Heyliger-Marten informing Parliament of his decision on Friday.


PHILIPSBURG--Member of Parliament (MP) Christophe Emmanuel has resigned his position as an MP representing the National Alliance (NA) in Parliament and has declared himself Independent.  

  Emmanuel made the announcement during a meeting of Parliament on Friday morning. He also presented a letter informing the legislature of his decision. Emmanuel said when he joined the NA it was premised on a party principle that elevated above all others. “The Alliance was a political power that sought to serve the needs of the people first. The party was established with a significant and distinctive role - passionate about St. Maarten and her people. No other party occupied that space. I fully saw myself within this lofty ideal,” Emmanuel said.

  “This is a historic time in St. Maarten politics. What happens in the next months and years will shape our country for generations. The cause of the Alliance, and its approach as a socially minded champion of the people, has never been needed more.”

  The MP said he believes NA has moved in a direction that no longer reflects this ideal or approach and, as such, is not rising to the challenge of the moment and the opportunity it presents. 

 “While I will be forever grateful to the National Alliance for the opportunities that were afforded to me and to the party members who have supported me, I have realised during the past few weeks that I will not be able to effect the massive level of change required for St. Maarten as part of the National Alliance. I simply do not see myself in the current approach and vision of the party. And so, after both objective deliberation and subjective soul searching, I've decided to resign my position as an MP representing the National Alliance in Parliament and will declare as an Independent Member of Parliament as of December 4, 2020,” he said.

 “Anyone who knows me, knows that I was a proud National Alliance member. I love our history and our people and I respect its stalwarts and leadership. So, imagine what would lead me to voluntarily relinquish this honour of serving as a member. I may have chosen to be an Alliance member, but my loyalty rests with the people I come from, their needs and their future.”

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