Curaçao Militia supports police

Curaçao Militia  supports police


WILLEMSTAD--Since last weekend, the Curaçao Militia has been assisting the Police Corps KPC in checking compliance with the COVID-19 measures.

  The paramilitaries act jointly with officers from the force to establish checkpoints at strategic locations. Drivers and passers-by are monitored for compliance with the restrictions and the necessity of their presence on the public road.

 Government can always appeal to units of the Commander of the Dutch Navy in the Caribbean through a request for military assistance to the Ministry of Defence in The Hague.

  The local militia often provides support in maintaining public order and safety on the island.

  A total of nine persons were arrested during the curfew last weekend. Nine were taken into custody because they did not have a valid reason to be out in the street.

  Police will continue their traffic checks and warn those who’s cars are not supposed to be on the road to adhere to the rules or they will be fined.

  There is also a notable presence of Dutch soldiers on the island. Government says they are deployed for coastal and border surveillance to stop the possible influx of undocumented Venezuelan migrants.

  Meanwhile, Curaçao declared its support for the announced anti-drug operations of the United States in the region. At the same time, government emphasised “that it will not allow its territory to be used for military actions against Venezuela.”

  Last week Wednesday the US announced it would send more naval ships to the Caribbean for additional controls against drug trafficking.