Corona measures eased in Curaçao

Corona measures  eased in Curaçao

Pleasure boating is allowed again.

WILLEMSTAD--Caretaker Curaçao Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath on Monday announced another series of relaxation of COVID-19 measures. The curfew will now go into effect from 11:00pm starting this Wednesday.

 Restaurants have been allowed to receive patrons inside again, while casinos and cinemas can reopen their doors until 10:00pm.

  As expected, beaches may also open during the day, and may be visited until 8:00pm in groups with a maximum of four people.

  Due to the changed curfew, new closing times also apply, depending on the economic permit. Restaurants may be open until 10:00pm, but snack bars and beach clubs without a restaurant licence still have to close at 8:00pm.

  The “trùk'i pan” (food trucks) also do not have to close until 10:00pm, but can only offer curb-side pick-up and delivery.

  Inside restaurants up to four persons may dine together and there must be two metres distance between all the tables.

  Pleasure boat touring companies and hotels will again be allowed to organise events. A maximum of 50 per cent of regular capacity applies to both, and for resorts also a maximum of 50 people. Background music is permitted.

  Funeral homes can also have a maximum occupancy of 50 per cent, and up to 50 persons inside.

  Everyone can play sports in the open air again. For competitions, a maximum of 50 per cent of the facility’s capacity applies, and no more than 250 people are welcome in the stands.

  Indoor sports are also allowed, but with masks and without an audience.

  For large stadiums (more than 2,500 people), the maximum number of visitors is still 1,000. In addition, they must first apply for a permit.

  The following applies to stores: no more than 10 people in the smaller shops (up to 250 square metres) and a maximum of 50 in large ones. Children under 13 are not counted as a client.