Commissioner Wilson commends Saba nurses on World Health Day

   Commissioner Wilson commends  Saba nurses on World Health Day

Saba’s Commissioner of Public Health Rolando Wilson.


SABA--Commissioner of Public Health on Saba Rolando Wilson “saluted” the island’s nurses “for the excellent job that they carry out daily,” on the occasion of World Health Day, Tuesday, April 7, 2020. World Health Day was proclaimed by the World Health Organization in 1948.

  “The theme chosen could not have come at a better time when nurses and midwives are being put to the test and challenged with this COVID-19 pandemic,” commissioner Wilson said.

  To date there are no registered coronavirus cases in Saba. Of the 18 persons tested all tests returned negative. There are currently three persons in self-quarantine and there are no tests pending.

  “We are at crossroads in our development, which is testing the role of the nurses. We must thank the Almighty that here at home, we have not been faced with the virus yet, the commissioner said.

  “April 7 is the day to celebrate the work of the nurses and midwives and remind all of us of the critical role they play in keeping all of us healthy and safe. Nurses and other health care workers are on the front line of this COVID-19 pandemic. They are supposed to provide high-quality treatment and care. Nurses are called upon to address the fear and respond to the many questions in some cases. Nurses are called upon to collect data for clinical studies. What would we all do without having well-qualified nurses?” he said.

  Wilson said the island government is “pleased and proud” of the health-care system on Saba. He said the Public Entity Saba is “very much thankful” for the support of the national government in the Netherlands for their “invaluable” contributions.

  “With this Covid-19 pandemic, it is not an easy task or undertaking, but I am very much convinced that our nurses will be able to render the services required of them. Permit me to congratulate and thank all stakeholders in the health care sector on this special day,” Wilson said.

  Residents of Saba are reminded that all preventative measures in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic are still in place. These include maintaining social-distancing practices, proper hand hygiene, and staying at home as much as possible.