Beyond Kultura translates two children’s books into English  

Beyond Kultura translates two  children’s books into English   

Translators Barbara van der Woude (right) and Riet-Sint Straatman (left) with BKE President and author Loekie Morales (centre).


PHILIPSBURG--Beyond Kultura Events (BKE) Foundation has translated the Dutch-language children’s books Zonneproetjes and Tropisch Nestje by local author Loekie Morales English. The English versions are written for children of seven years old and up.

  In this special two-in-one book of 40 short stories, Morales recalls her childhood in Curaçao, where she was raised in a family with many children. After the death of her young mother, Morales and her siblings were sent to local foster homes, where their lives changed drastically.

  While the Dutch versions were sponsored by Morales and BKE Foundation, the English translation and proofreading cost was funded by Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund Caribbean.

  The aim of this project is to encourage English speakers to read Caribbean-based stories to enhance their reading skills.

  Zonnesproetjes was translated into the English-language Freckle Bunch by Barbara van der Woude and Tropisch Nestje was translated into Tropical Shelter by Riet-Sint Straatman. Additionally, the fund supported the proofreading of both books by native English speaker Marianne Tefft.

  “With completion of the … translation, BKE is seeking funds from local entities to support the printing of Freckle Bunch/Tropical Shelter,” said BKE Foundation in a press release last week.