Acting governor urges public to be prepared for storms

Acting governor urges public  to be prepared for storms

Acting Governor Perin Bradley.

 ANGUILLA--On Friday, September 24, Acting Governor Perin Bradley told residents of Anguilla that those responsible are taking all measures to keep the people of the island safe through regular communication and guidance. He assured that the National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC) is meeting weekly throughout the peak of the hurricane season to ensure that the island is well prepared, should adverse weather affect the island.

  He said, “The current predicted path puts the passage of [Hurricane – Ed.] Sam to the north of Anguilla late Wednesday next [this] week. Just in case this path changes over the next few days though, we need to be ready. Plans to ensure the government’s business continuity are in place; these include securing critical government-owned property, plant, and equipment. Critical national infrastructure, such as the hospital and clinics, have preparations in place and air and seaports are prepared to ensure they can be ready to re-open at the earliest opportunity, following the passing of a hurricane. Plans are also in place for the restoration of electricity, communications and water supply. Government construction projects are in the process of clearing up loose objects and securing the sites. Back-up power sources are on stand-by in case they need to be used at emergency shelters.”

  He assured that there are plenty of supplies of food, water and gas on island so there is no need to panic-buy. He suggested that persons prepare their homes and businesses just in case of a future storm. “Don’t forget, if we do need to stay indoors in close proximity to others while the storm passes, to do your best to social distance and have sanitiser available,” he said. “If we all commit to a busy next few days of storm preparation, we will have peace of mind in case the current predictions change. Take care and prepare.”