Pay for itself

Pay for itself

The warning that police will crack down on illegal parking along Rhine Road over the long Easter weekend (see related story) is based on prior experience. Motorists visiting Mullet Bay in numbers have blocked part of the street in the recent past, leaving only one lane open, with all possible consequences for vehicles headed in opposite directions.

That is dangerous especially after sundown, but also annoying and downright antisocial behaviour. Left unchecked, it will probably continue and even worsen in the near future.

Alternative parking areas have been created, so there is really no excuse. Those who choose to still hamper traffic can expect to be towed at their expense and fined.

Double-parking is also strongly discouraged, since it has been known to cause confrontation and arguments. What’s more, imagine having an emergency but not being able to leave due to someone else’s inconsiderate and uncaring attitude.

Speaking of parking, Curaçao is reintroducing the paid version in Willemstad, to make the city centre attractive for short-term visitors again. When people working in the capital use all the available free spaces, it may stop others from coming.

Something similar could be considered in Philipsburg, to make it more attractive for both locals and guests. Many stay-over tourists rent cars and might go shopping down-town more often if they could safely park close by.

Of course, sufficient alternative longer-term free parking or at daily rather than hourly rates must remain available for others. Locations for such can include the old Administration Building, former Post Office, etcetera.

Today’s technology allows simple use of electronic devices to pay for a spot. The investment in parking meters and other necessities should not be any burden to the taxpayer, but instead a private venture executing the project with a concession based on pre-determined tariffs and practices like the use of wheel clamps for enforcement purposes.

This can probably produce enough income for not only the company involved but also government. It will basically pay for itself.

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