Make some noise

Make some noise

 A “Twice the Caribbean Twice the Summer” campaign (see related story) launched by the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) together with St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association (SHTA) is most welcome. Stay-over arrivals and especially occupancy rates of resorts were hardly spectacular for much of 2023 and those numbers could no doubt use improving.

The wordplay obviously refers to persons who may already visit the destination during the always busy winter in the Northern Hemisphere, stimulating them to also come over the usually slower next few months. This should elevate bookings and revenues in the so-called shoulder season.

The public-private partnership resulted from a joint workshop, once again proving that exchange of ideas can lead to interesting initiatives. Reduced airfares will be involved, while stakeholders including accommodations, tour operators, excursion organisers, attractions and restaurants are to offer promotions and discounts from April 15 to August 31.

Seemingly due to climate change, summers in the island’s main markets North America and Europe are not always what they used to be either; domestic holidays have become less attractive. When travel to sun, sand and sea vacation spots is more affordable, many will probably want to make use of that opportunity.

Reducing the seasonality of the local economy and employment, which has undesirable societal consequences, might be another potential benefit. It is indeed high time for The Friendly Island to “make some noise” in the marketplace.


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