Total Theater Applause: Program success leads to continuation at NIA

Total Theater Applause: Program success leads to continuation at NIA

By Foresee Foundation

National Institute of the Arts (NIA) is thrilled to announce the resounding success of its “Total Theater” program – a social-emotional learning initiative funded by Resources For Community Resilience (R4CR). Launched in March 2023, the program exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impact on students and teachers alike.

“The Journey”, a culminating performance held on February 10 at the Cultural Center, showcased the diverse elements of Total Theater. This program offered far more than just drama classes. It provided a comprehensive curriculum encompassing vocals, yoga, movement, improvisation, art, stage crafts, and even sessions with a licensed psychologist.

Three different age groups have been selected for the Total Theater programme: 7-11 years, 12-16 years, and 17 years and up. The classes take place on Saturday afternoons and cover a range of topics, from social-emotional themes to vocals, drama, yoga, movement, improvisation and art-and-stage crafts. There are also coaching sessions with a licensed psychologist available.

By participating in the Total Theater programme, students can enjoy a playful and safe outlet while also connecting with peers on a deeper level under the guidance of professional teachers. The programme offers an opportunity to develop important skills that can be applied in everyday life, such as critical thinking, a flexible mindset, curiosity and problem-solving.

Beyond the technical skills, the program has fostered a sense of community, with students expressing their appreciation through heartfelt thank-you letters to their teachers.

More than just performance

While the performing arts aspect was exciting, the program’s true value lay in its ability to equip children with essential life skills. Through playful activities, students developed critical thinking, problem-solving, and a growth mindset – all transferable to everyday challenges.

Beyond the stage: Building bonds and confidence

Total Theater provided a safe space for students to connect with peers and express themselves creatively. The program fostered a sense of community, evident in the heartfelt thank-you letters students wrote to their teachers.

Making art accessible to all

Recognizing the financial limitations faced by many families post-Irma, and the pandemic, NIA offered the program entirely free of charge. The Institute believes that every child deserves access to the arts, regardless of background.

Securing the future

NIA is committed to making Total Theater sustainable. While R4CR funding has concluded, the program will continue on a smaller scale, requiring a minimal monthly contribution of $20 per student.

Register now!

Registration for the new session kicked off on March 2 at NIA. This is a fantastic opportunity for your child to explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop valuable life skills in a nurturing environment. Don’t miss out!

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