SYB is looking for volunteers with a background in the military or law-enforcement

SYB is looking for volunteers with a background in the military or law-enforcement

By Foresee Foundation

St. Maarten Youth Brigade (SYB) is on a mission to empower the youth of our community, and they need your help to make it happen. SYB is looking for volunteers with a background in the military or law-enforcement to join their team and provide support and coaching to the youth. New volunteers will join a corps of already enthusiastic volunteers to help with SYB’s coaching and mentorship program. Coaches will be doing physical trainings, mental trainings, drills, monitoring behaviour and enforcing disciplinary actions for unruly members.

SYB’s core mandate is clear: To assist in the development of youngsters in the social, cultural and governmental areas. They offer holistic educational subjects that focus on good health and wellbeing, reduced inequalities, climate action, and STEM [science, technology, engineering and math] education. Their teaching approach combines science, technology, engineering, and math, creating a strong foundation for the youth to build upon.

SYB’s programs are already making a positive impact, helping at-risk youth transform into the best versions of themselves and instilling positive self-images in them. But with the help of volunteers, SYB hopes to create an even stronger impact. Together with their youth and already established volunteer corps, SYB has already paved the path to a better future. Through their bonding activities and volunteering efforts, they have fostered an environment of teamwork and personal development.

SYB believes in breaking down barriers, working in harmony as a team, and giving young people a platform to voice their opinions. By joining the team, volunteers could help make this a reality for even more young people. They hope that more people would join them on their mission to empower the youth and make a positive impact on the St. Maarten community.

What kind of volunteers does SYB need and how many?

SYB needs coaches who have a background in the military or law-enforcement, to assist in the training of the youth members. We also need volunteers or interns to assist with our social media presence, marketing, and outreach into the communities.

How much time does one need to commit to this coaching program?

The weekly training is 10 hours per week; however, we would appreciate at least two hours per week. Committing to the program should be at least a year. Throughout the year, we also have camps, where the presence of coaches will be needed to ensure that members adhere to the rules.

What kind of impact would volunteering with SYB have on the youth and volunteers?

Volunteering with SYB will introduce the volunteer to the members of SYB, and give them an opportunity to get to know the members and encourage them to be better youth on St. Maarten. It will show the struggles young people go through daily, and their determination to be better.

Why is volunteering with SYB coaching program a good idea?

Because the coaches should have some form of military background, by volunteering it will show the members of SYB the military and law-enforcement job possibilities and opportunities once they become adults. It will also provide them with the expectations and requirements they will need to portray.

How can someone sign up to volunteer or support your organization?

Phone: +1 721-542-3228; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Facebook: SYBSXM.

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