SMDF’s ‘Learn SMART’ initiative opens doors to a brighter future

SMDF’s ‘Learn SMART’ initiative opens doors to a brighter future

By Foresee Foundation

An innovative educational program, St. Maarten Development Fund’s (SMDF) Learn SMART initiative is sounding a call for individuals seeking personal growth and skill development. With the June 16 deadline fast approaching, this is an opportunity for residents to enrol and seize the transformative power of Learn SMART.

Delivered through a strategic partnership with Coursera, which is one of the world's leading online learning platforms, this initiative offers a diverse range of courses from prestigious institutions such as Yale University, the University of Michigan, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Covering crucial areas such as entrepreneurship, customer relations, and business administration, these courses empower learners to acquire practical skills and knowledge that can enhance their personal and professional lives.

One of the standout features of Learn SMART is its accessibility. In an era where geographical boundaries have become inconsequential, learners can access the program entirely online, providing the flexibility needed to balance their educational pursuits with their other commitments. This freedom enables participants to tailor their learning experience, pacing themselves according to their own schedules and preferences.

For those eager to embrace the future of work, Learn SMART offers an additional incentive. Free scholarships for Google entry-level Professional Certificates on Coursera are available, specializing in high-demand fields such as Project Management, Data Analytics, IT Support, and UX Design. By obtaining these certifications, St. Maarten residents can position themselves for rewarding careers in the technology-driven industries that are shaping the world.

More than 3,764 individuals have already enrolled. Together, they have undertaken 19,536 classes, dedicating a staggering 16,150 hours to expanding their skillsets and broadening their horizons.

SMDF encourages all interested persons to seize this opportunity and make a commitment to their personal development. The Learn SMART initiative is a gateway to a brighter future, providing residents with a chance to gain valuable skills and knowledge that will not only benefit their individual lives, but also contribute to the overall growth of St. Maarten.


Acceptance into the Learn SMART Program is reserved for St. Maarten residents, who truly demonstrate a willingness to join courses and a dedication to complete them to the best of their ability. The following is required in order for one to be considered for this program:

-Must be 18 years of age or older.

-Must provide proof of current residency on St. Maarten.

-Must have the necessary time to commit and actively participate in this program.

-Must complete the application form at smdf.sxm/learnsmart.

Other important information

Understanding the three-course collections

There are three learning programs within the Learn SMART – Coursera platform:

1. Learn SMART

2. Digital Transformation – Google Certificates

3. Civil Servants

Role model for other countries

The Learn SMART program and its “impressive learner-focused efforts to celebrate and amplify achievements” were featured in Coursera’s November newsletter for their “Coursera for Government” updates.

As they consider SMDF as one of the top organizations that push for learner engagement and participation, Coursera shared SMDF’s story during a training session held with the State of Missouri employees who are in charge of managing Coursera and signing up learners.

Breanna Barrie was invited to be a guest speaker and featured customer for Coursera's “Coursera for Government: Driving Results Through Learner Engagement” webinar, which was viewed by representatives from several government organizations including the New York State Department of Labour, NIH, and Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Project leader and contact person:

Project leader and contact person: Breanna Barrie

Contact info: Send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call SMDF at 1 (721) 543-7711.

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