NIA thanks Ana Rogers Dimas for her dedication to your youth

NIA thanks Ana Rogers Dimas for her dedication to your youth

By Foresee Foundation

NIA, which stands for National Institute of Arts, is an interdisciplinary institution. The purpose of the NIA foundation is to operate a nationally and internationally recognized institution of the performing and visual arts inclusive of gymnastics and to guide the preservation, training, development and promotion of these art forms.

They do this by forming performance groups, granting or assisting in the receipt of scholarships for outstanding or prospect performers/artists and for (potential) teachers – in general, to stimulate individuals and groups working in the same field as a foundation.

NIA cooperates with national and international institutions which are pursuing similar goals. NIA engages in developing curricula, rendering performances, producing programs, organizing lectures, workshops and other types of meetings and events connected to its objectives.

How does Ana Dimas Rogers contribute to making your organization better?

For the last three years, Ana’s foundation “Bronxville Ballet NOT for SALE” has initiated the “Princess Program” in close collaboration with the Art Saves Lives Foundation headed by Nicole de Weever.

Give some examples of activities or projects that she has participated in to make your organization more effective?

Ana has financially donated and provided ballerina dresses at no cost to the establishment of the “Princess” program. The program provides free ballet classes to first-time dance students ranging from the ages of three to nine years old.

The goal of this program is to bring the joy of Ballet to those in need or those with special needs, having the girls learn new skills, gain a positive self-image, and have a chance to be a “princess”.

Boys are also encouraged to be a part of the program; they sport a T-shirt and dance pants. After all, where Princesses are gathered, you will always find a Prince Charming. Now in its third consecutive year, the program has been a tremendous success.

The first year provided free classes to 25 students. The second year, with the help of some local philanthropists, NIA could offer free classes to 45 students; and this year, we have added a new class catering to 20 first-time students between the ages of three and five years old.

This initiative has cemented a student base for the school. It is proving to be a sustainable investment in the arts on St. Maarten, producing through its continuity a level-based structured program for the ballerinas.

What are Ana’s best qualities that help to make your organization a success?

Our Princess program has become a success and in turn has made our organization successful through Ana’s compassion, vision, motivation and Motto. The Bronxville Ballet NOT FOR SALE takes its name from the notion that the best things in life are indeed NOT FOR SALE. The best things in life should be given away. Ana’s caring and desire to give back to the community has enabled our organization to in turn give back to our St. Maarten community and create a successful ballet program.

How can someone sign up to volunteer or support your organization?

Contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact the director, Arlene Halley, directly via phone/ WhatsApp +17215200444.

For more information, visit or Facebook@ National Institute of Arts – NIA.

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