New Apartments in Kenepa Garden Estate: A Wonderful Place to Call Home

New Apartments in Kenepa Garden Estate: A Wonderful Place to Call Home

A beautiful apartment block nestled in the tranquil greenery of Kenepa Garden Estate is now on offer to aspiring homeowners. M&M Development NV has pulled out all the stops to make each apartment a prime choice for those seeking a high standard of living with minimal effort. With top-notch amenities and safety features, exceptional maintenance services, light airy rooms with a modern flair, and picturesque views, the apartments provide a perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

This is the first of five such apartment blocks planned for the area, in a new and peaceful neighborhood nestled behind the historical Emilio Wilson Park. Henri Brookson, managing director of M&M Development, is intent on preserving the quaint sense of place in Kenepa Garden Estate, one of the island’s newest housing developments.

All buildings within the estate’s 29 lots must adhere to basic guidelines, including building street-facing natural stone walls, incorporating parking and green space on their properties, and using neutral colors.

The neighborhood is gated, fitted with underground infrastructure, the streets are well-lit and lined with palm trees, and a homeowner’s association (HOA) is in place. These aspects ensure high quality, a harmonious design and experience, and maintain good resale value.

For those looking to own a home but not construct it themselves, while still enjoying all the benefits of the Kenepa Garden Estate, purchasing an apartment is an ideal solution. Each apartment block consists of four units, divided over two floors, with each apartment having three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms.

Brookson’s vision for the living space is one where homeowners can relax, feel safe, and enjoy their own privacy while also benefiting from a pleasant community space.

Central to the convenience aspect is that the apartments are modern and organized, with maintenance and landscaping provided. It’s an ideal space for any homeowner, but might be especially appreciated by older clientele who would benefit from a new-build home that is well thought out in design, easy to clean, located in a safe area, and where they do not have to worry about maintenance, which becomes increasingly challenging with age.

Here, everything is taken care of, and homeowners can simply enjoy their space. Older people who are possibly downsizing from a large family home to an apartment would reap the benefits of doing so, which include less stress and more time to themselves.

The apartment blocks present an ideal living situation for friends or family who want to live separately and enjoy their own privacy but remain within easy reach of each other.

A lovely outdoor communal space can be used for casual socializing, get-togethers, and barbecues. Dotted with tropical plants, it is maintained by a landscaper and features a wooden deck.

The apartments feel airy and light, each with a large eastern-facing terrace connected to the living room and master bedroom, as well as a small terrace connected to the two remaining rooms, facing the mountainside.

The large terrace offers sweeping views of the Cul de Sac basin, along with Great Bay in the distance. It’s a wonderful setting to entertain guests, enjoy outdoor breakfasts, or simply relax and take in the scenery.

The living room and master bedroom boast floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interiors with natural light, elevating the spacious open-plan design, and offering a stunning vista from the moment you open your eyes in the morning. All bedrooms connect to en suite bathrooms with minimalist designs.

A special view is in store for the western-facing bedrooms and terrace: an impressive art installation conceptualized by Brookson, surrounded only by pristine green mountains. Created by artist Michael Maghiro and aptly named ‘Symbols of Emancipation,’ it features large images of Emilio Wilson and One Tete Lokay, bolted onto rock, atop a terraced viewpoint.

The living room connects seamlessly to the open-plan, modern kitchen, fully fitted with state-of-the-art appliances. With clean lines, sleek fixtures, and a monochromatic design, the space is both stylish and functional.

The same can be said for the entire space, cohesively designed with usability, comfort, and aesthetics in mind.

Storage space is optimized in the apartments, from large, functional built-in closets with thoughtful organizational features to ample cabinetry in the kitchen, and extra storage space in the basement of the building.

When it comes to feeling safe and secure, homeowners can rest assured that their property is well protected – from the security gate at the entrance of the neighborhood to the security features within the building.

As for hurricane protection, preparation is made easy – with shutters fitted to every window. The complex has a cistern and generator, ensuring continuous and reliable water and electricity, even in emergency circumstances.

Each apartment is allotted two covered parking spaces at the lower level, while there is extra parking space out front to accommodate visitors.

All in all, the apartment building – along with the additional four which will be built in the near future – is a wonderful place to call home.

For more information or to schedule a tour, call or WhatsApp Henri Brookson at +1 721 587 2678. Clients can purchase a unit or reserve one of the four soon-to-be-built apartments/ apartment blocks. For those looking to build, there are still some lots available in the estate, designated for single-family homes.

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