Navigating the Path to Representation - Chapter 5: Nomination

Navigating the Path to Representation - Chapter 5: Nomination

By the Cabinet of the Prime Minister

In the grand tapestry of democracy, the process of nominating candidates for elections holds a pivotal role. As the sun rises on a new chapter of understanding, we delve into Chapter 5: “Nomination” – an integral element of Sint Maarten’s Electoral Ordinance that illuminates the path to representative governance.

Article 21: Setting the Stage for Nomination

Picture a countdown, a countdown that begins between 80 and 90 days before the current parliament’s term reaches its culmination. Article 21 marks the starting point, signalling the time when political parties can officially submit their lists of candidates for upcoming elections. This timeline ensures a seamless transition of leadership and representation.

Article 22: A Moment of Democracy

In a defining moment of civic engagement, the nomination day arrives. On this day, political parties bring forth their lists of candidates to the chairman of the central electoral committee. This act marks the official entry of aspirants into the electoral arena.

Article 23: Voices United by Signatures

Each candidate list emerges as a canvas adorned with voices, voices captured through signatures. Article 23 emphasizes the importance of collective agreement. A certain number of voters’ signatures validate the candidates on the list, showcasing a harmony of aspirations between the candidates and the people they hope to serve.


Article 24: Profiles in Democracy

The ballot comes to life with Article 24, as candidates’ names find their place on the list. Alongside their names, details like birthdates and addresses enrich the canvas of representation. For married women or widows, the opportunity to honour their heritage is preserved by allowing both their husband’s name and their maiden name to grace the list.

Article 25: A Pledge to Serve

Candidacy is not just a title; it’s a commitment. Article 25 highlights the significance of agreement. Candidates not only agree to be part of the list, but also submit necessary documents and a photograph, underscoring their willingness to serve with integrity.

Article 26: A Pledge of Integrity

With dedication comes a symbolic commitment. Article 26 elucidates the deposit of money, a pledge that echoes the party’s dedication to the democratic process. This deposit is returned if the list proves to be valid and in accordance with the stipulated criteria.

Article 27: Rewarding Compliance

Integrity is rewarded, as Article 27 states that the deposited money might be returned if the list fulfils all requirements, celebrating adherence to the rules of engagement.

Article 28: A Symphony of Scrutiny

The journey to representation is guided by vigilance. Article 28 casts the spotlight on the central electoral committee, tasked with scrutinizing candidate lists for validity. If issues arise, a harmonious interaction takes place as committee members engage with parties to rectify any discrepancies.

Articles 29 to 38: These articles function as the rhythm and harmony of the nomination process. They ensure transparency, engagement, and accountability, ultimately weaving the vibrant fabric of democracy.

As the Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs prepares to host town-halls to enlighten the public on electoral reform, the foundation of the nomination process shines brighter than ever. Each nomination represents an individual’s aspiration to be the voice of the people, echoing the heartbeats of democracy.

Stay tuned as we traverse the subsequent chapters, venturing deeper into the democratic voyage through Sint Maarten’s Electoral Ordinance.

This information has been summarized from the chapters and articles of the Electoral Ordinance of the translated Constitution of Sint Maarten. For more information, visit

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