Island Gems: Proud of its governance, impact, members

Island Gems: Proud of its governance, impact, members

By Foresee Foundation

Island Gems Charity Foundation with its merry all-women band is extremely proud of its system of “every member has a say”. Governing this organisation is a board headed by Alita Singh, who has been at the helm as president of the organization since September 2014, and ensures that all members take their roles in this organization seriously.

“Alita is able to be diplomatic and encourages members to give their best to Island Gems. She loves to have fun and that makes our events very special.”

This group of women are spotted making donations throughout the year ensuring the money raised during their annual themed gala event goes to worthy charities. They are a bridge funding group for non-profits – this means Island Gems raises funds and uses the money to support organisations with equipment and services. The all-women Island Gems foundation does not give cash; instead, it purchases equipment or services with longevity or that can serve numerous people over time.

“We do not give cash and only support established and sustainable projects that meet our criteria. Organisations can submit requests for project support and Island Gems will review this and decide on the request.” For example, if a school needs reading books, the school would have to send a motivation letter for the request along with a pro forma invoice for the books. It is important that those books are not one-time use; the goal of Island Gems is to provide equipment/services that assist a large number of people over an extended period of time. The preference is to purchase locally where possible, as funding is raised from the people and businesses of this island.

Alita is worthy of this spotlight because she is a tireless advocate for bettering the island through supporting worthwhile initiatives. Apart from her role in Island Gems, she has volunteered in other organisations that have positively contributed to the island.

What does Alita do for your organisation?

Alita is very effective as a leader who presides over our meetings with intelligence and humour and is constantly on the lookout for organisations that can benefit from Island Gems’ support. Alita is the captain and keeps us going in the right direction.

How does Alita contribute to making the organisation better?

Alita prepares for meetings with agenda, minutes, and requests. She keeps us focused on what our goals are along with being open to new ideas and possibilities. She is up-to-date with all that is going on and brings many new ideas to Island Gems, while still staying focused on the main goals of Island Gems. She always thinks about the foundation and how we can best serve the community

Give some examples of activities or projects Alita has undertaken to make the organisation more effective.

As president, she has an overview of all aspects of our foundation; however, what’s special is that Alita, being the creative one, ensures that all donations are highlighted and donors are also properly thanked for donations. As a people’s person, she encourages everyone to do their best.

What qualities of Alita help to make the organisation a success?

She is strict but fair; the job of a president is not an easy one and she gives without expecting anything in return. Alita's personality is a great balance between playful and serious. Alita is the funny one that somehow makes us laugh and then gets us back in line. Her strong connection to a broad array of people brings ideas linking culture, students, seniors, nature, the less fortunate, and more from both sides of the island.

How can someone sign up to volunteer or support your organization?

Island Gems encourages residents, businesses, and visitors to support via funding donations and by attending our gala event.

Contact Island Gems President Alita Singh by phone at +1 721 553-8372, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Facebook @IslandGemsCharity.

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