Ernika Van Putten: A dynamic and amazingly outgoing volunteer

Ernika Van Putten: A dynamic and amazingly outgoing volunteer

By Foresee Foundation

In this spotlight, we shine a light on Ernika Van Putten, an exceptional individual whose passion for volunteering knows no bounds. With her dynamic nature, outgoing personality, and unwavering commitment, Ernika has become a true inspiration in the realm of community service.

Ernika’s journey as a volunteer with Caribbean Institute For Social Education Foundation (CIFSEF) and Leaders for Change is rooted in her genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Ernika has been with us for two years and continues to impact so many lives.

CIFSEF offers in-person courses to help individuals develop essential soft skills and improve their productivity through effective tools. The main goal is to empower people, boosting their self-efficacy and confidence. CIFSEF works with vulnerable groups to provide a stable path, offering a second chance to persons who would like to become certified and employable.

Leaders for Change focuses on providing support to vulnerable groups in the community, such as the homeless, seniors, and single-parent households. Their communal mandate involves distributing essential items like hot meals, food parcels, household items, and clothing to those in need. By collaborating with the Sint Maarten government, local and regional non-profit organizations, and private entities, they have successfully driven positive change and support for vulnerable individuals in the community.

Ernika’s exceptional qualities as a dynamic and amazing outgoing volunteer make her an invaluable asset to any cause or organization she supports. Her passion, dedication, and ability to inspire others set her apart as a true force for change. As Ernika continues her volunteer endeavours, we can only anticipate even greater positive transformations and a brighter future for those she touches with her selfless acts of service.

Some of Ernika’s volunteer activities and initiatives:

Ernika’s involvement in volunteer activities spans a wide range of causes and organizations. Whether it’s working with local shelters to support the homeless or dedicating her time to environmental preservation efforts, Ernika demonstrates an unwavering commitment to improving her community. Her ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds enables her to bring individuals together for a common cause.

Personal qualities and attributes:

One of Ernika’s most notable qualities is her dynamic and outgoing nature. She has an innate ability to engage and connect with individuals from all walks of life, making them feel heard and valued. Ernika’s exceptional communication and interpersonal skills enable her to form meaningful relationships with those she encounters during her volunteer work. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm are infectious, serving as a beacon of motivation for those around her.

Recognition and impact:

Ernika’s dedication and contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed. The lasting effects of Ernika’s work can be seen in the smiles of individuals she has helped and the positive transformations she has brought about in the lives of those less fortunate.

Contact information: Ashma Berkel, tel: +1 721 5276381, emails address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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