About the 10-Hour Challenge 2024

About the 10-Hour Challenge 2024

By Foresee Foundation

The St. Maarten Youth Brigade (SYB) holds two challenges each year, and one of them is the 10-Hour Challenge. This challenge aims to identify the strengths and weaknesses of its members while testing their physical limits and observing their leadership skills.

The challenge started on Friday, February 16, at 8:00pm and ended on Saturday, February 17, at 6:00am. During this time, the members completed a challenging route around the island of St. Maarten, starting and ending at Milton Peters College. They faced a series of mental tests and physical activities and were assessed on endurance, strength, self-discipline, perseverance, and motivation.

SYB’s main objective is to assist in the development of young people in social, cultural, and governmental areas. They offer holistic educational subjects that focus on good health and wellbeing, reduced inequalities and climate action. Their teaching approach combines science, technology, engineering and math, providing a strong foundation for the youth to build upon.

What were some of the highlights of the challenge?

One highlight during the challenge was the Water Phase, during which members were sent into the sea in their full uniform, to challenge them to get comfortable being uncomfortable. They had to work together as a team to do sit-ups in the water, roll in the sand, and get back in the water. Some members were hesitant to do it.

After getting into the water, however, they were able to fight through the challenge and encourage each other to push through. Another highlight of the challenge was the Hill Phase, where they had to make it through the slave trails that connect Cole Bay to St. Peters with limited support and visibility. It was the last major obstacle they were faced with to complete the challenge.

Why was this challenge important?

The 10-Hour Challenge was important for the members to complete, as it tested their leadership, communication, mental capacity, strength, and endurance. These are important skills to have to be a successful member in the program.

How did the members do with the challenge?

The members were tested on their motivation and perseverance to complete the challenge – and most did well. There were a few members who dropped out at certain checkpoints and needed to be picked up by their parents in the middle of the night. Other members wanted to give up, but pushed through and, when it all ended, they were tired but happy they were able to complete the challenge.

Who were your collaborators for the 10-Hour Challenge?

We appreciated the assistance of the KPSM team who accompanied the group during two phases when they were running along the busy main roads to ensure their safety.

How can someone sign up to volunteer or support your organization?

Phone: +1 721-542-3228; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Facebook: SYBSXM.

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