Through Cam's Lens: Thunder

“Thunder, feel the thunder (Thunder, thunder, thun-)

Lightning then the thunder (Thunder, th-th-thunder, thunder)”

So… Castel had me on assignment.

“So I want to continue tapping into your reservoir. Are you able to do an encouraging video or audio for this week’s encouragement session?”

[There’s a weekly encouragement thing that we do where someone has to submit a video or an audio file, then it’s turned into this badman video that is sent out to a broadcast list. Obviously, this week was my turn.]

My brain is ALWAYS going so it wasn’t hard for me to settle on a thought that I wanted to use. I’ll tell you about it.

But for the sake of taking you on a journey...

Safiyya and I were supposed to link up since she’s here on “vacation”. I asked her if she wanted to be in the video with me and she gracefully declined. Urgh. So I roped her into being my videographer instead.

We had a late lunch by the Lolos, then we walked over the wharf to get the quick recording. This is off topic, but I got some fire videos of lightning striking. (Zeus, was that you?)

Sorry Etheleen.

Okay… to the thought.

I think that the reason some kids are afraid to open up to their parents about mistakes they’ve made isn’t solely because of the fear of punishment, but also because of the fear of disappointing their parents. Knowing that these people have always been there for you, and giving you the tools necessary to make good decisions; it can be pretty tough opening up to them about something you feel is below the standard they have for you.

Some people also treat God the same way. We’re afraid to come to Him with our shortcomings (even though He knows) because He’s given us all the necessary tools to be successful. And sometimes we feel like we’re abusing His grace. So we feel the need to retreat into our corners and isolate ourselves because: “OMG! I might’ve disappointed God.”

And that space isn’t always a bad thing. Regrouping and catching ourselves can be a healthy habit. BUT not too long Mah G. After “time away from God”, we tend to feel like when we approach Him again, we’re starting our relationship over from scratch. That thought can make it harder to leave that distant place and go back into relationship. There’s work that comes with starting over and ain’t nobody got time for that. So instead, we need to view the situation as if we’re just picking up where we left off.

It’s like basketball. You may turn the ball over and feel like you let yourself, your teammates and even your coach down. With your head down, you’re walking back down the court sulking. That would be a good time to call a timeout. A quick break to gather yourself, get your game face back on and forget the last play. As much as it may have been a disappointing moment, moving on from it makes the situation a much better one.

Also, in the fourth quarter of a game, it’s always best to have your best players on the field. So the sooner you lift that chin up and get back on the court, the sooner we can get back to working on this W.

Like most things, it’s easier said than done. But like most things that come with a little bit of difficulty, they’re necessary for growth.

Boom. Ya done know.

*Yo, Siri, play Thunder by Imagine Dragons*