Through Cam's Lens: Student Tings

“What they gon' say now? (Throwin' shade)

What they gon' say now? (Findin' ways)

They all gotta pay now

Yo, I can't just be givin' out free game”

Hey guys! So on this episode of “What’s he saying now?” I ’m just going to tell you guys about the three things that are currently taking up the majority of my YouTube time. I suppose listing them would be the easiest approach.

1: DaVinci Resolve

I came across a thread on Facebook a short while back and these videographers were talking about this program. It was supposed to be not only extremely legit, but also free! So I hopped on.

A few YouTube videos later and – needless to say – I feel like a professional video editor. (Okay, I’m just joking…Lol). The software is a lot more powerful than the iMovie I would usually use, so I’m pretty excited about learning and using it some more.

2: Knife Restorations

I have this old hunting knife and there was a bit of rust on the blade. I went on Pinterest and got some DIY options on how to clean it; vinegar did the trick, but it left the blade a little dark. This lead me to YouTube to try finding a solution to get this knife looking “Fresca”. One video on a knife restoration, two videos on knife restorations, and then 16,464 videos in on knife restorations.

Ay-yo, Alice! Obviously, I stumbled down the rabbit hole. This brother was hooked. My love for knives intensified. My want for knives intensified. My Amazon search for knives... Yeah, you know, it INTENSIFIED.

Your new neighbourhood knife-head. (Please tell me you caught that the first time.)

3: How to grow your YouTube channel

This is the latest thing that I’ve been a little “drug addict” over. Not because I want to be a YouTube star (even though that would be amazing), but mainly because if you’re going to put out content, you’re going to want people to see it.

Learning that new software has me excited to put together some videos I’ve been sitting on for a while, hence I’m learning about the platform that I’m posting to.

Maybe I should do a knife restoration video of my own and MAKE IT INTO A BLOG!!!!

Speaking of intense. Glass case of emotions, Cam. (Inserts shocked emoji with the wide eyes.)

P.S. If you didn’t catch it - Crackhead.

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*Yo, Siri, play Say Na by Moneybagg Yo featuring J. Cole*