Through Cam's Lens: Observe

“Trick, get it together, trick

You don't know who you went home with, who you went home with again (I keep on)

I keep on pilin' up bodies on bodies on bodies

Yeah, you gettin' sloppy, girl (You're gettin' sloppy)”

To be observant is to be quick to notice or perceive things.

To be aware is having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

I was thinking the other morning about these two words because it seems that one would have to come before the other – as if there should be an order that’s right and one that’s wrong, but ultimately I don’t think so.

Someone can be observant, notice something and then become aware of that thing. On the other hand, someone can be aware of something or a situation, and thus become observant of the surroundings. Well, is it safe to say that the person who was aware would have had to be observant? No, because the knowledge could have been brought to their attention. So we’re still on track, lol.

With me, I think I’m usually aware because I’m always observing; always noticing – another trait that has been developed from not being talkative. You kind of have no choice but to just sit and look around…lol.

The reason I was thinking about observation and awareness is because they are extremely amazing tools and traits, and it is also a great “first step”. However, they aren’t the be-all and end-all. Something HAS to happen after to really give them significance. Some action needs to be taken.

Could you imagine if the world was just aware of and observing COVID-19 and that’s it – just monitoring how many people are getting it and how many people are dying from it, but nothing else. There would be no social distancing campaigns, no pimped out masks, and definitely no vaccine. They’d just be collecting data. World population: zero. LOL!

You have to do something with the knowledge you’ve gained for it to matter – and it’s not to say that you turn your sensors off and stop paying attention. If you have a basin outside collecting water and you’re not using it to at least water your plants, then its only purpose is really to breed mosquitoes. DENGUE. It’s a source. So you still continue to collect, but you have to use it, lest it become a hazard.

I live life in metaphors.

All of this is just how my brain processes information.

Being perceptive and aware and observant is great, but if I’m not using the information to grow in some kind of way, then why am I even gathering it. Hoarder. Mosquito breeder. Like a doctor who can self-diagnose and still not go to the pharmacy for medicine. It’s crazy if you really think about it. Having your own answers, or at least having the ability to provide your own answers and just not doing anything about it.

We’d call that “The Heights of Stupidity” or “Slave Mentality”.

Trick, get it together, trick.

*Yo, Siri, play Bodies by Jazmine Sullivan*