Through Cam's Lens: Not the suspect

Through Cam's Lens: Not the suspect

’Cause visitation no longer comes by (comes by)

Seems like they forgot about me (’bout me)

Commissary is getting empty (empty)

My cell mates getting food without me (without me)

Why is my life literally your entertainment?

I feel like these things don’t happen to anyone else, lol. Brace yourself; it’s story time.

Every full-moon, I go out and take pictures under the moonlight. I must have mentioned this in the past. This recent full-moon was an ADVENTURE. Let me tell you…

The girls and I linked up at the studio so we could carpool to the location. The location was on the French side and we’d be there after curfew, but I had to risk it. On our way to the location, there were way too many Gendarmes in the area. It was unusual, but okay.

We got to the location where we needed to park the cars and one of the models had locked her keys in her car...whoye. Like, I know how to get it open, but it’s not an easy task without the proper tools. We opted to go back and see if the Gendarmes would help up. We drove back in my car and pulled up where they were. They were actually doing stops. We were trying to ask them for help and they were trying to tell us to scram…lol. Apparently, there was a robbery in the area and they were looking for the suspect.


A regular person would have cancelled the shoot, but not me!

Got back to the car where the other models were waiting on us and we got to work. We got about 97.74577% finished when two guys came and sealed the deal. I know they felt as if they had made a big accomplishment and we did appreciate them, but we know what we did. Mission accomplished.

Shoot time.

We had a small hike up to the spot where I wanted to shoot. We made sure that everyone had their sneakers on; we pulled out a few phone lights and made our way up. The shoot was perfect. The sky was perfect. The girls blended together so well. It was just vibes! There was also lightning far off over the ocean that was amazing to sit and stare at.

Okay, back to the action.

Gendarmes are at the bottom of the hill looking into our cars with flashlights. Is this how I die? They’re looking for a male suspect and I’m up in the hills. Why me?

We wrapped up the shoot as the Gendarmes are shining their lights onto the hill and checking the water along the coast. They know the drivers had to be around somewhere. Because I was one flashlight holder, I was a little further back as we made our way down the hill. That was also a good move, though, because if they saw the girls first they would be less likely to think I’m the guy they wanted.

In the distance, all I could hear is laughter.

The Gendarmes were super cool. They stayed a bit and spoke with us. I showed them some of the images and they were impressed. We were safe. I was safe, lol!

Putting this into words in an article takes away so much of the “epicness”, but I hope you were thoroughly entertained…Lol.

*Yo, Siri, play Locked Up by Akon*