Through Cam's Lens: New York Baby

Through Cam's Lens: New York Baby

“Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today

I want to be a part of it: New York, New York

These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray

Right through the very heart of it: New York, New York”

So unless you’re one of those “early bird catches the worm” types of persons, by the time you’re reading this…eh ehm… eh ehm; I’m in New York City, baby!

It’s been too long. I’ve missed you.

I haven’t been to New York since February 2020. This pandemic been kept me outta my home away from home. (Is it even okay to say “been kept”? I know that’s a little hood.)

COVID where, though? Been hand sanitizing. Been keeping my social distance. Been keeping my mask on. Protocols, baby, protocols. I did my test yesterday and COVID-19 was not detected in this body. HAAAN!

I’m all over with the hood slurs today, huh?

Anyway, anyway…

This trip to NY is mainly pleasure. Chilling – trying to see some old friends – but also a little “work”. Work in quotations, because my niece is getting married and I’m the designated family photographer. I’m also probably the best person they could’ve gotten for the job, anyway – mildly skilled, mildly skilled.

When I tell people that my niece is getting married, they watch me pretty weird: “Cam, if you’re so young, strapping and handsome, then how old is your niece?” Okay, yes, I added some unnecessary adjectives – pero why not, though? *Cough*

Pull it back.

My niece is four years younger than I am. She, Zoya and I pretty much grew up as siblings, because we’re so close in age. Uncle-brother, Cammy, Bae – just to mention a few of the names she calls me. For a long time, she did her best to keep women off my back. She’d grab my arm and hold my hand in public in an attempt to keep the girls away from me. It worked for a bit... LOL.

There are also quite a few St. Martiners in NY now. We might have to plan a little link up. Well, no, scratch that, because some of us are not vaccinated, so we can’t dine-in at restaurants and such. Crazy. I know. I mean, we could always just order food and eat it outside, but that can sometimes take away from the experience. But not me thinking that if we link up, it has to be for food…Lol. Is it ever really a link up, if you’re not eating? Make it make sense.

Not too much to say today. I just wanted to share a little about my trip with you. I wasn’t excited before because I know the trip was really reliant on a negative COVID test. However, now I’m over the moon, baby!

Let’s go!!

*Yo, Siri, play New York, New York by Frank Sinatra*