Through Cam's Lens: Listen

“Listen to the sound from deep within

It's only beginning to find release”

So it’s 1:27am and I’m just starting this piece. Again, not because of procrastination, but more so because my mind is most at ease at these times. This way, the pieces are a bit more fluid.

I guess you can say I’m continuing last week’s piece. There was a theory that I mentioned but didn’t explain, so here comes that explanation.

Life is like a GPS, yes a Global Positioning System. The first time I heard this “theory” was from a teaching from Trip Lee. (I actually haven’t heard about him in a while, I should probably Google him.) He used the GPS’s ability to recalculate a new route after we’ve made a wrong turn, to basically explain how God reacts to us when we make a bad decision.

So when I took last week’s “eureka” moment - God starting from the point where we completed our purpose on Earth and plotted His way back to our birth - and applied it to this theory, I was honestly a bit mind blown. (Inserts exploding brain emoji.)

Okay. Okay. Imagine God starting from the end of your life where He says, “What it do, good and faithful homie” (at least that’s how He’ll say it to me) and He plots his way back to the moment that you’re born. He maps out 14,000,000 possible roads that you could take, but there’s only one that is smooth and bump free. The chances of anyone taking that path is HIGHLY improbable, but that path is available to everyone of us.

All the other paths take “life” into consideration. And I will give you examples in relation to a road trip. The other paths take into consideration that we will need to stop for gas, potty breaks, food, and food (this was not a typo). There are also the expected toll stations, traffic, possibility of flat tires and even stopping to take pictures on this amazing journey. BUT. BUT. Have you ever watched a movie about a road trip and anything good happening from making an unplanned stop at some attraction? Has ANYTHING good ever come from taking a shortcut? Taking directions from a stranger that looks like they “belong to the streets”? LOL! NO! Never!

These unnecessary stops, detours, shortcuts and directly going off course have never and can never lead to a positive outcome. In the movie, Vacation, the family ended up swimming in and exfoliating their faces with faeces…LOL…because they had taken a detour and a shortcut. They were also robbed.

But you know what the GPS of Life does? It always recalculates. No matter the stop, turn, detour, dead end, stolen car and now you’re on foot, picking up a hitchhiker, or any other randomness; that GPS will recalculate your route and get you back on track to your destination; to your fulfilled mission; to your fulfilled purpose.

Sometimes, I hear two different things in the same situation and it’s puzzling. The first is: “They died before their time.” The second is: “It was their time and God called them home.” There has always been a discussion about this, because those who believe that when you die, it was your time, do not support the claim that you can die before your time. Honestly, I think that both are possible.

I think it is very possible to reach your destination in life and God calls you home. This is held true whether one is five years old or 95 years old. However, I also think it’s possible to go off course on this journey of life and you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. No signal – and for the sake of humour, an anaconda eats you before you ultimately get to your destination. #PrematureDeath #AnacondaLivesMatter

About to be way over my word count, so I’ll end it here.

What I want to leave you with is: Sometimes we may have the music really loud in our lives and we’re unable to hear the GPS giving us directions. But, man, if you just happen to hear it, even slightly, in between songs changing… Listen.

*Yo, Siri, play Listen by Beyonce *