Through Cam's Lens: Defendant

“Smokin’ the Zaza, it goes straight to the māthā

Then I’m uppin’ the choppa

I’m hittin’ the cha-cha, then I open his lata

Then he dancin’ bachata”

“Loyalty and respect, that’s why,” said Mizzy.

Okay, so I get that and I can also appreciate that; however, I’m not so sure. Let me first tell you guys what I’m talking about before I start mouthing off.

WELL, first let me tell you guys how surprised I was by something else [detour]: I was on a hike the other day. I was way up in the bushes when I met an old friend. I was strolling so it was easy for him to catch up to me and pass me. He mentioned enjoying my articles in the newspaper and again, I was shocked – people are actually reading this?! Lol. If they only knew that I write most of these from the toilet. Badum tsss.

U-Turn. Back to the matter at hand. Yah.

Within the last 24 hours, I had two people tell me that they had to “defend me”. I don’t know who they were talking to, I don’t know why they’re talking to them, but my name was the hot topic. Aight. Aight. Maybe somebody came to these two individuals and started talking doodoo about me and they saw it fit to defend my name in that moment. That seems like an admirable trait. That smells like loyalty. That smells like respect…BUT…I have reservations.

I have reservations because I had to HEAR that I was defended. If someone came up to me talking doodoo about one of my friends and I had to defend them, or I had to send that person up their mum’s, that information would be kept with me. What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained and I don’t need to bring that nonsense back to my friend. AND if I do decide to bring it to my friend, I need to tell that friend what was said, who said it, and we need to plan a kidnapping.

Because that’s what friends are for.

If you’re coming to me to tell me that you defended my honour, but you’re not giving me any other details, then it sounds to me like you’re just trying to get a pat on the back. You’re trying to prove something to me. It just feels weird…you know; ESPECIALLY if you’re only telling me that you had to “defend me” when we’re in the middle of a heated discussion.

Miss me with that cow dung. It feels so insincere. Like you’re throwing it in my face.


No real content today. Just frustration. Lol.

Today’s song has no relevance to the article, I was just feeling a little “gangsta”.

*Yo, Siri, play Whoopty by CJ*