Through Cam's Lens: Competition Where?

Through Cam's Lens: Competition Where?

“Lately I feel like it’s me versus me, don’t see competition

Why would you compete? (Huh?)

Don’t even gotta be woke, still gon’ be up (How?)

I make a bag in my sleep (Okay)”

Most times when situations happen and I get metaphors for life out of them, it’s really just because I think so much. Simple traffic incidents and my brain turns it into some kind of adage to save the planet. Lol! Can cars ever just be cars? Why must there be a hidden message, Cam?

Well, here goes nothing.

I was driving home the other day after training and I decided to use the Town-Sucker Garden route to get there. I was hungry! As per usual! So, I decided to hit a little multitasking and eat while I drove. When I got to the intersection by Real Auto, I saw Justin make the right turn towards Pondfill as I was about to make the left turn towards Pondfill. He took the Pondfill road and I took Cannegieter Street.

You know, your boy was enjoying this little snack and jamming to some trap music. (Man, if you wanna scream out, “Brrt”, you gotta pay for that (Brrt)) However I was mindful to drive a little bit slower because part of my attention was on this food. Lol.

When I got to the roundabout by the police station, Justin passes in front of me (and hails me of course). I dipped out behind him because I know he’s always up for a little race. As I’m driving behind him my brain starts to WORK.

If I wasn’t multitasking. If I was driving at my normal pace. I would have reached the roundabout before he did. I did the “math” and if he took the intersection before me at Real Auto and only got to the roundabout seconds before me, my route was faster.

So now I’m just thinking of all the ways that not giving my full attention to things has given other people the opportunity to reach ahead of me. How the instant gratification of eating now, versus prolonging it until I got home ultimately slowed me down. Getting home was my destination. And even though I didn’t HAVE to get there at a particular time, I still caused it to take longer than necessary. Not to say that it was a race by any means or to say that life is a race, but it’s just to show how opportunities can easily be missed.

And it’s fair to say that maybe he was multitasking as well. Maybe he even stopped, who knows. BUT, as far as I am concerned, if I was giving my full attention to the “thing” I would’ve come out ahead. I would have gotten a foot in the door before it closed.

Eh. That’s just how my brain works though. Always trying to keep me in check. Always ensuring that I’m learning from situations and making better choices going forward.

Hopefully it’s something you can learn from as well.

Can we get some Moneybagg?

*Yo, Siri, play Me Vs Me by Moneybagg Yo*