Through Cam's Lens: Blocked.

Through Cam's Lens: Blocked.

“Might get talked about

But I don’t get touched

Gatta keep it in their face

It don’t take much”

Castel hit me up the other day to tell me that he’s caught up on reading all of my articles. He also told me that “some don’t always feel they can come to you, but they see when you’re not yourself and they prefer to pray or wait until it’s ‘safe’ to approach you. Or they ask me lol.”

I appreciate that from the “people”. I’m not known to listen to people very well. A LOT of people don’t have the proper people-skills to know how to approach someone correctly. So when I’m approached in a manner that’s unpleasing to me, I can either pop off or completely block you out. I feel like dealing with people is a skill – and that is especially true when the person you’re reaching out to is going through something.

Hiding has never really been my thing either. I don’t sulk and act like my entire world is crumbling down, but if I’m not 100%, most people can tell.

A few days back, Patrice hit me up on IG. He let me know that he can see that I’m going through something and he just wanted to give me some encouraging words. He didn’t pry or try to tell me that it could be worse; he just let me know that he sees me and then he encouraged me. Patrice seems to have some people-skills.

Have you ever dealt with someone who tried to make your problems seem small and insignificant? I’ve fought a lot of those people – in my mind, of course. But I fought them and won.


Every single person is different. All of our individual strengths and weaknesses are different. All of our maturity levels are different.

Why would you think that I would deal with a situation the way you would? Why is it that if a specific situation is small for you, you feel like it should be small for me?

“Life” is so interesting. Our specific struggles and battles and obstacles are tailored to us. They are designed to break or build us specifically. Let’s use pornography as an example. (Please don’t get too carried away, it’s an example.)

Imagine I have an issue watching porn at night because I’m at home alone, and you have an issue watching porn on the job because that’s where you have a computer. Though the issue is the same (porn); the triggers, the way we handle it and the way we solve it are completely different.

AND. AND. Not because “porn does nothing for you” (as person number three in the example) means that you have to shit on someone who struggles with it. “All you have to do is stop watching it.” “Just block the site.” “Find a girlfriend.”

How about we find your mom and tell her she raised an idiot? Y’all thought I was going to say something bad, huh? Trust me, I was tempted…Lol.

We all go through our seasons of downs. And if you’re going to approach someone in a down season, how about learning how to do that first? How about keeping your opinion in your throat unless it’s requested?

Just encourage that person. Let them know that you’re available. Let them know that you see them. Learn. Practice. Get some people-skills nuh...

Yo, Siri, play SRT by Moneybagg Yo ft. BIG30 & Pooh Shiesty