Through Cam's Lens: Birthday Mode!

Through Cam's Lens: Birthday Mode!

“Walked out of Louis, lookin' like a Virgil discount (discount)

If it ain't a hunnid, this a miscount (miscount)”

 I’m sure there are at least 40,000 people that feel like I’ve been ignoring them over the last couple of days. Ooops! However, I was simply off island.


Usually, I announce whenever I’m leaving so that clients and other persons trying to contact me are aware that I’m unavailable, but honestly this time around, I just needed to go. Work has been on a high since December, and I had not really gotten a moment to breathe since then. Also, it was my birthday weekend, so why not take an unscheduled trip to New York. It was an amazing couple of days. No, I didn’t do much, but the people that know me know that I love to keep my birthdays super chill and low-key. Got into New York on Friday night and the only thing on my mind besides food, was sleep. I pulled an all-nighter Thursday into Friday trying to get a few clients their pictures before leaving, because I didn’t want anyone hitting up my phone. Slept late into the morning on Saturday (like who’s this sleeping this late?). No training, no coaching, no editing, no healthy eating… NADA! Later that night, my friend Sha’Terrica and I kicked it. We went shopping for a bit, because I needed to purchase some new shoes; got Indian food, devoured these heavenly chocolate peanut butter cookies from Levain Bakery; went shopping again when we found a vans store, got Polaroid film at Best Buy and finally retired on the floor of a Barnes & Noble reading about my Aquarius Sun signs. Did I mention that it was stupid cold? It was stupid cold!

 It was a good day, and a good way to bring in my birthday.

 On Sunday, my birthday, I slept in late again. At this point, I couldn’t even recognize myself. Who is this stranger in my body sleeping this late? LOL!

WhatsApp and Facebook were BOMBARDED with messages and posts. Some of which I didn’t get to until yesterday. Sorry, guys, but you understand. SnapChat and Instagram had a lot fewer messages, so I got through most of those throughout the day; especially as I live on Instagram. The rest of the day, I was just loafing around the house spending time with the fam. Received a few gifts; ate some food and some Popeyes’ chicken; FaceTime with my baby girl Danielle; then got ready that night to hit the streets. Lightly. We went to a lounge. That was short lived by the young lady twerking two metres away from us and the guy that was dry sexing the girl on the floor. I mean when we walked in and saw the stripper pole, we should’ve known. HA! In five minutes, our Uber was outside and we took our party to TGI Friday. This was much more my speed, lol.

Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta, Strawberry lemonades on refill, waitress liking what she sees (eh heh, eh heh), pictures left and right, my sister getting NICE off of that Barbados Rum Punch. Yeah, I’d say it was a good night.OH! So my sister and I share the same birthday. I don’t know how my mom managed to accomplish that with us being 16 years apart, but I’m glad she did. I wouldn’t want to share a birthday with anyone else.

On Monday, I got tattoo number 13. Took us north of three hours to accomplish, but damn it was worth it. Sobreeno, my guy!!

It was my last night so I connected with Sha’Terrica again. I wanted to have her featured in Vision and Voice next month (make sure you get your tickets) so we did a short session. After that, we got pizza and just chilled into the early morning.

 I took her to her train, and that was basically the end of my trip.

 Thank you, Sha, for helping to make this trip a special one

 OKAY! I’m back home now. If you need the highest grade of photography, or tickets for the show next month, HOLLA!

 *Yo Siri, play Virgil Discount by 2 Chainz & Skooly*