Things you can buy your partner for Valentine’s Day

Things you can buy your partner for Valentine’s Day

There are big changes happening in the world right now, and it’s not just to do with the “P” word. If you’re on social media, and you’re trying to find ideas for Valentine’s Day, there seems to be a new sentiment regarding gifting. As society is making a shift toward more eco-friendly and mindful gift ideas, here are a few you can gift you significant other that will impress them!

Gift certificates for self-care

Whether your partner is male or female, they definitely have grooming habits. You can improve on this by gifting them what they already use, but with all the bells and whistles. If your partner gets their hair cut regularly, find out where it’s done and pay for their next visit with everything that it entails. If they get pedicures, spring for the gel pedicures with the gel bath that is usually an extra fee.

No budget for a pedicure? Google how to give at-home pedicures and show them the care and affection of a DIY style pampering.

Flowers, but better

If your partner is into gardening, perhaps think about skipping the pre-cut flowers for a more nuanced potted plant. You can even think about picking up some potting soil and new gardening tools for your nature-focused love.

If you don’t have it in your budget to do all of this, perhaps try sprouting your own plants, by taking cuttings from onions, garlic and other plants that are easy to grow. The thought and care that go into this are a sure sign of your efforts. Bonus points if you hand-paint the container your plant is housed in.

Locally crafted goods

Shopping and supporting local has never been more in style. Right now, there are a bunch of small businesses dedicating packages to Valentine’s Day. Find one that your partner likes and purchase it! Scented candles, soaps, clothing and so much can be found locally; shipping fees are non-existent, and you will be supporting one of your own!


Speaking of locally sourced, try out the Valentine’s Day lunch specials being offered by one of the artisanal food sales people on the island. The menus tend to be more special than regular restaurants and you can customize the meals to fit your partner’s desires.

You don’t have to have a big budget if you decide to fix a meal on your own. Head over to YouTube and look at some instruction videos about how to prepare romantic meals for a very low budget.

Movie nights

Don’t underestimate the power of a dark space and a screen. You can take your partner to the movies to see something romantic, funny or scary; whatever the both of you will like! Spring for the popcorn, snacks drinks and treat them to whatever they like.

Again, you may not have the budget, so try the Netflix & Chill version. Set up your screen in the living room, put down a thick comforter, turn the AC up and cuddle up to watch a movie, series or documentary you both like. Kettle corn has the advantage of being just $1 in the supermarket and you can add whatever flavouring you like to the batch!

No matter what you choose to do for your loved one this coming Valentine’s Day, remember, it’s about the two of you – not your social media feed. Make it cute and intimate and one that will be memorable for the both of you!

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