Sugar and Spice

In Search of SXM’s Hottest Dessert

~ Greenhouse Restaurant ~

 Fellow dessert-lovers unite! Calling everyone with a sweet tooth to the first segment of an island-wide hunt for St. Maarten’s best dessert!

Although the island is often referred to as the culinary capital of the Caribbean, some restaurants could improve their somewhat disappointing dessert menus. Of course, desserts can be difficult –everyone has their own taste and people often like making sweet treats themselves so they can add whatever they like – but if I want dessert, and all the restaurant has to offer is some vanilla ice cream that has been lying in the freezer for God knows how long, they are lacking some creativity. And do not even get me started on the sad half-thawed piece of cheesecake that we all know they got from the frozen aisle.

It is time to start holding restaurants accountable for satisfying our sugar cravings after – or before, no judgement – a lovely dinner. So we took the difficult task upon ourselves of sampling desserts all over the island so we can report our findings back to all you dessert-lovers. How is the dessert presented? Is it a traditional dessert or one with a twist? And of course, what about the taste?

We couldn’t think of a better place to start than at Greenhouse Restaurant, which has been serving delicious food on St. Maarten since 1986. Customers can enjoy food and drinks from their extensive menu while people-watching in Philipsburg or enjoying a sea view in Simpson Bay. According to their menu, “no meal is complete, without a tasty treat” – and we could not agree more. You can even customise your dessert by adding one of their sauces, like their rich homemade caramel sauce, for free! In addition, the ice cream is produced locally by Etna Ice Cream on the French side.

Greenhouse lived up to their reputation as an island favourite with their Brioche Bread Pudding. Their twist on the classic local version features soft and fluffy brioche bread and does not have the traditional raisins, which makes it lighter and moister. The dessert is served warm with their homemade buttery and thick caramel sauce and with your choice of vanilla or chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. The warm bread pudding itself has a delicate cinnamon taste and is soft enough to melt in your mouth while still being firm enough to hold up the buttery caramel sauce as it contrasts perfectly with the creamy ice cream.

Both Greenhouse locations are open daily from 11:00am. For questions or reservations, call 542-2941 for the Philipsburg branch or 544-4173 in Simpson Bay. You can also check out for more information.


Does your restaurant’s dessert deserve a spot in our search for sweet treats? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know.