Soulful rhythms under a Strawberry Moon @ Dread’s Reggae’s Party at Soggy Dollar Bar

Soulful rhythms under a Strawberry Moon @ Dread’s Reggae’s Party at Soggy Dollar Bar

If reggae is your jam, all roads lead to Soggy Dollar Bar this Saturday for a live Reggae Party celebrating the launch of Dread’I’s captivating new songs: “Action Speaks” and “Reggae Rock”. From 9:00pm onwards, come on out to enjoy soulful rhythms and great vibes under this year’s Strawberry moon.

In addition to Dread’I’s performance, other talented musicians will take the stage. The incredible Jacob and Michael from the well-known Orange Grove Band will get the crowd going with their powerful yet catchy hits. The talented Fire Man will make a special appearance, Marita and Shayna will lend their harmonious vocals, and DJ Roots will be providing big tunes all night long. Each artiste will bring their unique style and sound, so get ready to immerse yourself in rhythms that will make your body move and your soul sing.

A reggae legend originally from Dominica, Dread’I has been an influential figure in the Caribbean music industry since his debut album, “Scratch Your Back”, came out in 1999. He is viewed as one of the leaders in the Reggae Renaissance Movement. Every June, Dread’I hosts his annual Full Moon music festival in St. Maarten, complete with sweet sounds, great vibes and cosmic energy for reggae lovers.

This year’s event is extra special, as the festival takes place during the Strawberry Moon, named after the wild strawberries that ripen during this time of year, getting ready for harvest. The spiritual meaning behind the Strawberry Moon includes love, luck, tenacity, positivity, curiosity, optimism, grit, and openness – a perfect time to dance under the stars if you ask us.

Dread’I and the event’s Executive Producer Kevin Brennan, a fellow musician who is better known as KayJayBee, are more than excited to host the event. “This show will be something special; we want people to come out and enjoy,” says Brennan. “We’re guaranteeing a good night,” adds Dread’I. According to the duo, with the upcoming Dread’I Strawberry Moon Festival, June 2024 will certainly be a cosmic month to remember and cherish.

Over the past two years, Dread’I and KayJayBee have co-written three songs together: “Broken Bones”, “Action Speaks” and “Lookin”, which are all set to be included in the upcoming 13th Dread’I Rhythm Force Album scheduled for release in November 2024. But in the mean time, and leading up to the show, it is time to re-enjoy Dread’I’s first 12 albums and to familiarize yourself with some brand new songs co-written with KayJayBee and engineered by the legendary Connis Vanterpool.

Just in time for the concert, fans are now able to download Dread’I Rhythm Force’s diverse catalogue of tunes on Spotify and other streaming services. You can now listen to original Dread’I songs, personalized versions of Reggae classics, as well as other recently written crossover Rock n Roll influenced tunes. The Dread’I inspired “Reggae Renaissance Movement’’ is inclusive of a vast collection of political, social, and beautifully written love songs, seamlessly blended together for your personal enjoyment.

Tickets are $20 and will be available at the gate. For more information, contact Kevin Brennan on WhatsApp at +1 917 589 2597. See you there!

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