Mélange and Mandarin: The gems of Port de Plaisance serve up savoury specials

Mélange and Mandarin: The gems of Port de Plaisance serve up savoury specials


The word “Mélange” means a mixture or medley. Imagine a mixture of smells, sounds, sights and tastes to entice and satisfy the senses. That’s what you can expect from Mélange International Grill. The restaurant manages to evoke the feeling of a backyard barbeque and synthesizes it with the culinary expertise of a fine dining experience. Truly an exceptional way to dine, Mélange International Grill boasts the only Live Table-top BBQ restaurant in Sint Maarten – a concept similar to a Brazilian-style Steakhouse & Korean BBQ style dining.

Located in Port de Plaisance at #155 Union Road, Cole Bay, Mélange International Grill is in a setting that looks out across the vista of the property. It is close enough to Princess Casino to take a stroll over for a game or two after dinner, but just far enough to be able to enjoy the peaceful sounds of the birds and the smell and feel of calming salty breeze wafting off the lagoon. The amber interiors create a warm, welcoming atmosphere to enjoy your meal in. Feel free to do a little extra with your outfit, since the attire is on the dressy side.

For the entire month of June, Mélange International Grill is offering a buy one, get one half-off special on all BBQ grill dinners! This of course includes appetizers, sides, salads, meats, seafood and steak! The regular price range is so reasonable you can visit long after the special is over. The amazing food will leave you happy you chose to visit Mélange.

Mandarin Pan Asian Cuisine & Sushi

Time to get responsibly social with Mandarin Pan Asian Cuisine & Sushi! Now that they’re open again, you can choose to dine in or grab some takeout. Mandarin is the expert in Asian dishes, located just a stone’s throw away from Melange and next to Princess Casino. The restaurant boasts a full sushi bar, wok kitchen and the ever-popular ramen bowls. Got a taste for Vietnamese spring rolls, dim sum or tempura? Mandarin is where you want to call. Their weekly specials make it easy for anyone to afford a great meal at an even greater price!

If they both sound mouth-watering, excellent! Why choose? Get them both! They’re located right next to each other and you can have the best of different cuisines.

Call after 5:00pm for dinner reservations and takeout orders. Mélange’s Hunger Hotline is +1 (721) 526-4049. If you want to make reservations at Mandarin, call after 12:00pm and onward for delivery at +1 (721) 522-9159. Want some more information about their specials? Like their Facebook page at Facebook.com/mélangegrill and Facebook.com/mandarinsxm.