Emilio’s Offers Gourmet To Go

Emilio’s Offers Gourmet To Go

After two months of being closed, the iconic Emilio’s is once again opening for business.

Today, they will begin their “Gourmet To Go” curb-side pickup and delivery service, which will be in effect on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 5:00pm to 9:00pm.

To place their orders, customers can call or send a WhatsApp message to 1 (721) 522-1848. However, WhatsApp messages are preferable, as Emilio’s staff will be busy with careful preparations of orders.

As always, Emilio’s tempting offerings will be produced by Chef Sydney Prescott – and this time around, owner Su Wathey will be in the kitchen adding her culinary experience. On the menu this week are four tapas, four main courses and three of Su’s special desserts.

Dishes such as Tenderloin Beef Medallion with a dark chocolate balsamic dressing, Lobster Salad with a lemon yogurt dressing and Tuna Kebabs on a bed of Faro and Red Quinoa demonstrate Emilio’s commitment to fine dining even for a Dine-at-Home option.

In light of the current economic situation caused by COVID-19, Emilio’s will be offering special pricing in the form of 20% off on “Gourmet To Go” orders. Included as a gift in these orders will be a Gift Certificate for Dine-in Service, which will be starting on June 11.

Emilio’s will be offering some impressive “Gourmet To Go” packages, such as “Date Night” where a couple can enjoy fine dining in the luxury of their home, along with the included bottle of white or red wine, and a “Family Ensemble” where families can have a culinary experience together.

The “Gourmet To Go” experience entails the customer driving up to a table on the curb-side of Emilio’s historic landmark estate and having a touchless pickup and payment experience according to social distancing measures and health/safety guidelines as required by Government Health Department.

The packages are made up and decorated by Su Wathey herself in her very own personalized and graceful style. “Much planning and thought have gone into creating a new menu, implementing new safety standards, training and sanitizing, as offering our guests a complete experience according to Emilio’s high standards is a very first priority.”