Discover the Spectacular Spirit of Soualiga Sculpture Park

Discover the Spectacular Spirit of Soualiga Sculpture Park

~ With Aqua Mania Adventures ~

The Spirit of Soualiga Sculpture Park is a breath-taking new eco-attraction, opening this December in Little Bay, Sint Maarten. With over 300 captivating artificial reef sculptures placed along a designated trail, this immersive experience offers guests an unforgettable snorkelling adventure.

Floating gracefully above the underwater exhibition, guests can admire the sculptures that celebrate the island's vibrant culture and history while providing a protected habitat for marine species to thrive – an extraordinary opportunity to witness the exciting life of a diverse aquatic ecosystem just beneath the surface.

Cast exclusively from members of the local community, the underwater exhibition aims to bring the story of Sint Maarten to life through four distinct galleries that pay homage to Sint Maarten’s past and present. The galleries display a stunning and authentic evolution of the island’s history, delivering a thought-provoking experience, to inspire and educate guests.

In the first gallery, Taino history blends gracefully with the coral reef's beauty, showcasing a captivating ensemble of over 100 sculptures of warriors, drummers, artisans and children at play.

Gallery Two, Ponum Dance pays homage to emancipation, depicting a pivotal moment in Sint Maarten's history. Thirty-five dancers move to the rhythms of drummers, embodying the community's exuberance, relief, and hope.

Gallery Three, Resilience stands as a symbol of Sint Maarten's strength and unity, highlighting its remarkable recovery from adversity. The Carnival finale is a vibrant celebration of joy, unity, and cultural expression. Dazzling dancers don intricate stainless-steel costumes, while steel drummers, a rapper and Calypso singer infuse the space with infectious energy and uplifting delight.

Beyond celebrating the island's heritage, these sculptures play a crucial role in creating a protected habitat for marine species to thrive. Crafted from environmentally friendly materials, the Spirit of Soualiga sculptures seamlessly blend with and enhance the marine ecosystem, providing sanctuaries for juvenile fish and encouraging the settlement of corals.

Hop on board boats departing from Simpson Bay Resort and Divi Little Bay, to this stunning new attraction that promises an unforgettable snorkelling adventure like no other. Aqua Mania boats will provide snorkel gear and instruction, and transport guests to where they can enter the park and enjoy the wonders below.

The opening of the Park provides a valuable new attraction to St. Maarten’s extensive list of activities. Installing a sustainable artificial reef attraction, that at the same time celebrates the history and culture of St. Maarten, is pure genius and the brain child of Deep Blue See. The company is dedicated to the enhancement of the underwater ecosystem, using environmentally friendly, artificial reef compound.

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Bookings to snorkel at the Park will be open at the end of September on Aqua Mania’s website Contact +1 (721) 544-2640 or +1 (721) 544-2631 for more information on trips departing Simpson Bay and Divi Little Bay.

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