Celebrate Dry January with 0.0 excuses

Celebrate Dry January with 0.0 excuses

As the holidays come to an end, millions of people around the world set ambitious New Year resolutions. As many of them are often health- and fitness-goals, refraining from consuming alcohol during the first month of the New Year is a very common practice.

This popularized one-month reset is now known as Dry January. Resolutions that begin with Dry January often avoid occasions where people typically drink beers, but not in 2023! Heineken® has been tapping into this increasingly popular challenge, by enlightening consumers that Heineken® 0.0 is the perfect drink for those who still like to enjoy a refreshing beer, while abstaining from alcohol.

Dry January is a yearly global campaign, where people challenge themselves to eliminate alcohol from their diet for the entire month of January. While it began as a public health initiative in the UK in 2013, the trend has caught on around the globe. Over the past few years, more and more people are taking part in this challenge. Besides all health-benefits of cutting back on alcohol for a month, it can create a change in attitude towards alcohol. For instance, some studies show that even months after Dry January, people who participated in the challenge still drank less alcohol.

With the Heineken® 0.0 Dry January Campaign, the brand aims to encourage the community to become more health-conscious, make better dietary choices, and overall be kind to their body. Moreover, they try to convey the message that refraining from alcohol does not mean having to refrain from parties, or social gatherings. On the contrary, a Heineken® 0.0 allows for even more occasions to enjoy a beer such as during a work-lunch or after a work-out!

To help further support consumers during their Dry January and with their fitness goals, supermarket- and bar-promotions are taking place, as well as free fitness events throughout the month of January. Additionally, as an initiative to create more awareness on the Dry January challenge and being health-conscious, Divico is working with local fitness influencers. Check out our @divico.shop Instagram stories and your favourite local radio station to learn more about this initiative and be inspired to stick to your 2023 health and fitness goals.

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