Maine Line goes Searchable

Maine Line goes Searchable

By Riley, age 15

Writing stories about trains, particularly trains running in and around Maine, just became a lot easier. Yes. One of the best train publications that first appeared in December 1952 and ran until volume 36 in 1990 is now searchable.

But wait, there is more! The Maine Line Magazine was picked up by Joey Kelley, a Maine photographer and writer. He has published Maine Line Magazine from June 2018 to the present. The entire collect can be viewed at

Each issue of the Maine Line, whether the original that was put out by the Bangor and Aroodstook Railroad, or the newer Kelley version, is full of stories about trains and the people that made them run in Maine, The Pine Tree State. Yet, until recently, you would have to go online and open every copy of Maine Line, and find the index, just to see what was inside one issue.

This was very time consuming – worse, it was easy to get distracted and you would forget what you are searching for. Not anymore. The entire collection has been made searchable. Just type in a few key words and, presto, you are given a list of articles that match the search.

Happy reading about trains!

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