Garden Jokes

Garden Jokes

I planted the wrong flowers...

Oopsie daisy


Why is Incredible Hulk a good gardener?

He has green fingers.

What do you call a cheerleading herb?

An encourage mint!

Why couldn't the gardener plant any flowers?

He hadn't botany!

Why was the cucumber mad?

Because it was in a pickle!

Which vegetable is always shivering?

A chilli.

I tried my best to make an herb garden…

But I just couldn't find the thyme.

What part of a plant has the most friends?

The bud.

What do trees drink?

Root beer.

What do you call a tree from another planet?

An extra-tree-restrial.

Why should you avoid arguing with a cactus?

They make too many good points.

Why are plants bad cheerleaders?

They only root for themselves.

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