Carnival Jokes – Part 2

Carnival Jokes – Part 2

Why do Johnny cakes make good MCs?

They know how to be cheesy, but in a good way.

Why did the peanut butter sandwich feel incomplete at carnival?

It needed to jam.

Why do cats love carnival?

They love to purrrtay.

What kind of cake should we get to congratulate the steel band?

A pan-cake ensemble.

Why didn’t the skeleton join the Junior Road March competition?

He didn’t have the guts.

What’s a turkey’s favourite type of music?

Anything with lots of baste.

Why did the dancer cross the road?

It was part of the choreography.

Why are crab backs so popular during carnival?

Because it’s a shellebration.

What does a band do when hungry?

Have a yam session.

How does a flag say something?

It waves.

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