Three reasons to ditch dairy

Three reasons to ditch dairy

~ World Plant Milk Day ~

Today is World Plant Milk Day, an international day that celebrates plant-based alternatives to dairy milk. Celebrated annually on a global scale, World Plant Milk Day marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards more sustainable and healthier living.

Founded in 2017 by Robbie Lockie, the co-founder of Plant Based News, and further established in collaboration with ProVeg in 2018, this campaign has reached millions, accelerating the shift from conventional dairy milk to a diverse range of plant-based alternatives. The day encourages individuals worldwide to make the switch to plant-based milk, offering a solution that is not only lactose-free but also rich in nutrients, free from cholesterol-raising components, and lighter on the digestive system.

From the creaminess of soy to the nutty undertones of almond, the world of plant-based milks continues to expand. As the market for these alternatives grows, predictions indicate that by 2027, the market could be worth a staggering $74.2 billion. This growth reflects a profound shift in consumer preferences, driven by health-conscious choices and more awareness of the environmental impacts of dairy.

Three reasons to choose plant milks

1. Your health

Countless studies advocate for a wholefood, plant-based diet, which includes the incorporation of plant milk. This approach has been linked to a reduced risk of various health concerns such as hypertension, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even certain types of cancer. Embracing a dairy-free lifestyle can lead to increased energy levels, improved digestion, clearer skin, reduced asthma symptoms, and a myriad of other lasting health benefits. World Plant Milk Day’s 7-Day Dairy-Free Challenge offers an avenue to experience these benefits first-hand.

2. The environment

Animal agriculture, a significant contributor to climate change, generates more greenhouse gases than all global transportation combined. Shifting from dairy to plant-based milk represents an accessible means to significantly lower one’s carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable planet.

3. The animals

The dairy industry takes an immense toll on the well-being of cows, sentient creatures who endure harsh conditions due to the demands of milk production. Transitioning to plant-based milk actively reduces the suffering inflicted on these animals and aligns with a more compassionate approach to our fellow inhabitants of this planet.

Why we cherish World Plant Milk Day

1. Environmental stewardship

By swapping cow's milk for plant-based alternatives, we contribute to minimizing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with our collective commitment to combat climate change.

2. Holistic wellness

Plant-based milk offers a plethora of health advantages, including essential nutrients and a low sugar and calorie content. It's also free from IFG-1, a growth hormone associated with cancer cell growth in conventional cow milk.

3. Delightful diversity

The spectrum of plant milk options, from almond to oat, cashew to coconut, offers an array of flavours to suit every palate and recipe. This diverse range ensures that everyone can find a plant-based milk they truly love.

With every sip of plant-based milk, we can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for ourselves, our fellow beings, and the planet we all call home. As we mark this day, let us celebrate the growth of this movement, one glass of plant-based milk at a time. For more information or to join the 7-Day Dairy Free Challenge, check out

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