Eight video-call makeup tips for women of colour  

Eight video-call makeup tips for women of colour   


By Onicia Muller

Are you wondering how to make yourself presentable for your next video call without looking like you tried too hard? Well, here are some video-call makeup tips, especially for women of colour.

#1: Start with skincare.

To begin our web-camera-ready makeup look, wash and moisturize your face. We recommend using a moisturizer like Olay Complete because it has broad-spectrum SPF 15.

#2: Less is more.

Video calls aren't the place for 10 layers of foundation and contouring. Keep things light with a bit of concealer for acne marks and hyperpigmentation and face powder to diminish on-camera shine. We recommend M.A.C. Studio Fix because it's a medium coverage powder that doesn't give a cakey appearance and covers some facial discoloration.

#3: Wake up your eyes.

Your eyes are the windows to the soul. And for a work-from-home video call, your soul should say, “Awake and ready to contribute.” Treat eyelids like your cheeks and lightly dust for a smokey blush look.

#4: Go easy on the brows.

Since the rest of your makeup is fresh-faced, do the same for your eyebrows. Apply a bit of eyebrow gel or Vaseline to make the hairs pop. If you lack brows, fill them in with your favourite eyebrow tool. We like Benefit Cosmetics’ Precisely, My Brow eyebrow pencil.

#5: Avoid contouring and heavy blush.

If you must, try a bit of highlighter because a video call is not the place for cheeks that are “contoured for the gawds”.

#6: Make your lips pop.

Lips play a significant part in your video-conference ready look. You can go with lip balm or gloss, but for a more put-together look, we recommend A.S.E. Beauty's Emerge. It's a universal nude that's perfect for women of colour.

#7: Find your light.

Finding your light is not a makeup tool or tip, but it's vital to women of colour when using a webcam. The key is to always face your light source – never have it behind you. If you don't have a desk lamp, face a window, or use your smartphone’s flashlight.

#8: End with skincare.

Don't spend all day in your makeup. After your call, gently remove your makeup and reapply a moisturizer with SPF. If you have sensitive skin or are into natural skincare options, we recommend witch hazel, almond oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil.