Egg Salad Bagel 

Egg Salad Bagel 

By Charlie Emilia

Charlie embarked on her own journey into veganism for 28 days and continues to work on a plant-based take on regular, Caribbean food. The goal is to make vegan food more accessible to people who may want or need to change their diet, but are unable to find great recipes online. The recipes are easy, inexpensive and work with whatever ingredients you may have in your kitchen. This one is a great idea if you’re not in the mood to cook a lot but want something fast and filling.


Today’s recipe is Vegetarian, since the vegan challenge has ended. But, I’m still practicing a flexitarian diet, because it’s been working for me. You can make this dish vegan by omitting the eggs and using veganaise instead.



3 Fresh local eggs

¼ can of chickpeas

Diced carrots (I didn’t have celery; use that instead)

Diced onions

Diced red peppers

3 tbsp. Mayo

1.5 tbsp. Mustard

Salt (to taste)

Black pepper 


Onion powder

Tropical Sazón

Tomato slices

Bagels or whatever type of bread you choose.



Prepare your Misen plas, so prep all your ingredients and mix them together and place them on your bagel.