Chipotle Mushroom Sandwich

Chipotle Mushroom Sandwich

By Charlie Emilia

Charlie has embarked on her own journey into veganism for 28 days. She is working on a plant-based take on regular, Caribbean food. The goal of the challenge is to make vegan food more accessible to people who may want or need to change their diet, but are unable to find great recipes online. The recipes are easy, inexpensive and work with whatever ingredients you may have in your kitchen. This one is a great idea if you’re not in the mood to cook a lot but want something fast and filling.



Natural bread


Red peppers


Homemade cashew cheese (or nay vegan cheese of your choosing)

Caramelised onions and garlic




Anguilla lettuce


Chipotle seasoning



Olive oil


Caramelised onions: I make mine the quick way, so I got the frying pan nice and hot, added some olive oil and hit the onions with a quick seer. After about two minutes, I turned down the heat and let the onions break down before adding the garlic and sprinkling a small amount of salt on them. When they’re light brown and wilted, take them off the fire and place them on the side.

Chipotle mushrooms: I added the mushrooms to the same pan I caramelised the onions in, waited for the mushrooms to sauté and release their moisture, then came the chipotle seasoning and the onions I had set aside. This takes all of 10 to 15 minutes.

Assemble the sandwich to your delight.


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