Chill Out with Charlie: Raised platforms

By Charlie Emilia

This millennial content creator, social media geek, part-time healthy person and now first-time mom is back to my original roots as a writer. Formerly a radio show, “Chill Out with Charlie” was a peek into my life and what I had going on. Since leaving the airwaves, my journey has taken an extreme turn. For updates on what’s been happening, sit back and chill out with me as I navigate these new paths in a whole new way.

In my last article, I gave you a sneak peek into what I’ve been up to – 20/20 Vision is really keeping me on the path to where I think I have to be. I also said that when the time was right, I’d reveal what I’ve been up to. There are a few projects still in the works – some for me, and others for my little girl. Another aspect of Vision is to highlight and genuinely be happy for others when they achieve new goals! I’m really proud of my nephew’s new album release. I didn’t do much to help him, besides beg him to sample older songs, but the pride is still there. The entire track list is actually really good and he surprised me with a sample and official feature with my daughter’s voice on one of them – I won’t lie; I got goosebumps! I also want to brag a little that one of my close friends recently got her Master’s and another got certified as a life coach. It’s so important for the people around you to do well, and for you to cheer them on. Never stop being happy for other people.

Now, for my own news: Most of you will already know, but by the time you’re reading this, I’ll officially be back on air as a radio personality. You can catch my new show every Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00am on Tropixx 105.5 FM. It’s called the CaribeAM show and will be very similar to my old show, in that it will feature much of my content, and I will tie in all of my other projects into it. I’ll also go live on Instagram from time to time. The only difference in this show is the time slot and the type of music I play. Of course, Tropixx has a more Caribbean sound and I’m excited to find a happy medium between what I already know and the new music I’m going to discover working there. You can expect to hear standard segments, like the news and weather. The news will focus on local and regional news, but I have some new segments that I want to try out and see how everyone will respond.

When I said “what’s for you is for you”, I meant it. I was first approached about starting a new show shortly after I left my old station, but I wasn’t ready to start again and I wasn’t sure if that station would have been a good fit for me. The spot was taken up by someone else – there was no love lost. When Tropixx reached out to me, it was shortly after I’d discovered I was going to have my daughter; and while I was again interested, I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment. Just imagine! I’d be in the studio falling asleep on the mic and being dizzy in between commercial breaks. Throughout the months that followed, I would check in, and although they still wanted me, my schedule wouldn’t allow it.

Recently, I started saying yes to things I’d been thinking about – and one of those things was getting back to the radio. While I’m not big on personal interaction, being on air allowed me to reach out to people to share my work, thoughts and feelings without the constant social anxiety. Being on radio also helps me incorporate my love of music in my everyday routine. I believe my first week will be like getting back to swimming or running after being inactive for a long time, but my muscle memory will return. It’s funny that the week I chose to go back to the radio is also the week the children are heading back to school. I guess this just means I have to leave home earlier and get my daughter to day-care sooner. The new schedule will be an adjustment, but I am excited for the new challenge.

I was looking at this meme the other day where everyone was looking for 2021 to be better, but it was only 2020 in a mask, but worse. I do realise that just because the calendar resets, the rest of the world won’t. In no way is this the final step in my plan for the 20s, but it’s a start. Things have to keep going until this era has run its course and we can look back on this as a faint memory; maybe more like a PTSD fever dream. I don’t know what the future has in store, but what I do know is I will keep pushing to be a better person for myself, and my daughter will in turn benefit from my sacrifices and growth. I pray I keep my head down, work smart and stay focused on the blessings my mind can’t even fathom yet. One day, we will all be on the other side of this; I just want to be the best version of myself when I finally plant my feet on solid ground.

Feel free to follow me on or my Instagram @Chvrl13. Check out my website: I’m open to questions, comments and any concerns you may have about your own health. But please remember I am not a doctor. My column is strictly for entertainment; and although I may try my utmost to give accurate information, it should in no way replace a visit to your healthcare provider.

Until next time, “Stay Distant. Stay Safe!”